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Women’s Golf Clothes For Spring And Summer

Each year when the temps start spiking and the sun shines longer, outdoor sports, like golf, pick up in popularity. In recent years, golf fashion has advanced by leaps and bounds for both men and women. Women’s golf clothes in years prior typically only came in simple colors with no frills, and adhered to dress codes for women at golf clubs which typically include collared shirts, some type of non-denim trousers, or a skirt. Now, women’s golf clothes include a wide variety of options, including things like golf specific tops, base layers, sweaters, short sleeveless shirts, long-sleeved shirts, capris, skorts, gilets, dresses, and so much more. Dress codes may still be required at some clubs, but with new fashions popping up, it’s not hard to express your style and individuality while you’re playing with cute alternatives to the classics, and even new styles. In addition to adding much more options to women’s golf clothes for spring and summer, the styles are now being crafted with technologically advanced fabrics for wicking sweat and helping cool off while on the green and also in bold and vibrant color options. Regardless, playing your best also includes looking your best while you’re on the course! This list includes the top 5 best women’s golf clothes, selected for spring and summer style! 


Women's Golf Skirts

  1. Soothfeel Women’s Golf Pants. These pants are an excellent option for your wardrobe as you transition from colder temps into sunny spring days. Soothfeel’s women’s ankle pants are a versatile, casual pant. They’re made from a premium, stretchy, lightweight fabric and these pants are perfect for golf but can also be worn in a business-casual office setting. They are made with breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin to keep dry all day, as well. In addition, the two deep hand pockets are deep enough to store your phone, keys, and wallet, providing safety and security to your valuables while also giving you easy access. The additional two back pockets are ideal for your golf gloves or for holding things like credit cards. You can grab these pants on Amazon for $33 and they also come in a wide variety of color options! 
  2. Vidusou Sleeveless Womens Golf Polo. The sleeveless design of this stylish shirt is flexible and cool to wear and the collar adds a touch of style and professionalism to your outfit and makes a great choice for any golf club with dress codes. The sleeveless golf polo shirt is an incredibly fashionable and very popular design this year and is a modern and updated take on the classic golf polo style. In addition, this women’s performance golf shirt is designed with a sleek collarless v-neck placket that’s more comfortable than your traditional polo. It’s breathable, comfortable, and a great addition to your golf wardrobe for the warmer months! It could also be worn off the green for other things like exercising, or even as a casual day-to-day top. This shirt can be found on Amazon for $24 and is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs! 
  3. Jack Smith Women’s Golf Zip Up. These sport polos are designed with breathable, quick-dry, and moisture-wicking high-tech fabric and spandex for added comfort and flexibility. This athletic zip up is ideal for keeping you comfy while staying fresh during activities and includes sun protection fabric that provides excellent protection for your skin and keeps you safe from harmful UV rays. This long sleeve zip up for women features a lapel collar and zipper closure, eye-catching contrast color lines at the sleeves, and two sides that creates a slimmer fitted look, streamlines your curves, and offers an updated modern active look. This zip up is easily styled, and one of those fashionable items that can be worn on the green as well off the green because it is versatile. Not to mention, it can double as activewear for any other type of sport or exercise activity as well! Purchase this item on Amazon for $28 and check out the other color options available for a fun and fresh addition to your golf wardrobe! 
  4. Baleaf Women’s Golf Skirt. This golf skirt is the perfect, versatile option for anyone looking to stock up on their golf wardrobe basics. It is designed with a high-tech fabric that wicks away sweat quickly to keep you dry and cool. It is also designed to have a Secure and comfortable two layer system consisting of a skirt outer and shorts inner layer so that you can enjoy your golf game without worries. In addition, a double layer triangle shaped gusset helps avoid riding up and pinching and greatly enhances your range of motion whether you’re playing a round or just practicing your swing. It also includes a wide elastic waistband and an internal drawcord which makes this skirt adjustable and comfortable to wear. Additional hidden pockets are also designed into this comfortable skirt for personal belongings. The skirt also comes equipped with a headphone cable hole and mesh pockets. The headphone cable hole is built for easy access to headphones, and a pocket on each leg of the comfortably compressive mesh shorts helps stows your essentials, like phones, keys, cards, and more. Check out this skirt on Amazon, available for $27. 
  5. Cugoao Golf Dress. This cute and stylish dress is the perfect option for spring and summer golfers! The dress includes both the dress and separate inner shorts for maximum comfort. Also, built in shorts can provide you with extra coverage, enhance your range of motion, and the high quality fabric is guaranteed to not be see-through when you’ve been sweating on the green during hotter months. This dress also features two pockets on the shorts of the dress, the left pocket provides enough space to keep things like additional golf balls, and the right pocket includes enough space to keep things like your phone, keys, or credit cards on you when playing a round of golf. Check this dress out on Amazon for $37!

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