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TecTecTec VPRO500 & VPRO500S (Slope) Golf Rangefinder Review


Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 @ 8:20 pm

Yard Range: 5-540 yards
Magnification: 6X
Display Type: LCD/Black
Tournament Legal: VPRO500 -Yes/VPRO500S -No
Dimensions: Approx – 4.2 x 3 x 1.5 “, 7 oz
Waterproof: No. Rain-resistant only
Measuring Systems: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: VPRO500-Line of Sight/ VPRO500S-Slope

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder Review

If you’re looking for more info on reliable yet inexpensive rangefinders, then stop searching, this Tec Tec Tec rangefinder review is for you!

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know all about how to improve your golf game without spending hundreds of dollars.

With a TecTecTec rangefinder you can have it all, the sharp optics, the pin seeking mode, and the slope compensating unit without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Now, there’s no reason your other half can possibly disapprove… right?

Knowing what makes a golfing rangefinder an ideal playmate starts with knowing what you want out of it. To spit out a few ideal features, you’ll want to look for fast target acquisition, target locating sensitivity, and of course, you’d expect it to be accurate.

For low cost rangefinders, these will be hard to beat if they can provide everything they claims to be able to do.


Who are TecTecTec?

TecTecTec is dedicated to providing you with affordable, quality optics that even the spouse can’t complain about. In fact, you could argue that one of their rangefinders would make a great birthday gift, hint hint.

Although their rangefinder line is limited, their units are jam packed with all the features you need for your golf game. This small company sold through good ol’, trusted Amazon is making a name for itself, and for good reason too.


TecTecTec VPRO500 Review

tectectec vpro500 100pxThis TecTecTec VPRO500 laser rangefinder has Advanced PinSensor Technology, PinSeeker, and Scan and Distant Target Priority Modes.  All this is viewable with its 6X magnification, fully multi-coated optics, and rainproof construction.

For a tournament legal and affordable option, this may be your rangefinder buy.

TecTecTec rangefinders are proving to be extremely popular. There’s no hesitation for reviewers to add their positive experiences with the rangefinder line.

The VPRO500 holds a stunning rating online with an absolute truck load of reviews.


TecTecTec VPRO500S Review

tectectec vpro500sThe VPRO500S Slope laser rangefinder has a fantastic rating also however not quite as popular as the VPRO500.

The TecTecTec VPRO500S has Slope Technology to calculate those true distances you need where inclines and declines would otherwise get the best of you.

The consumers have spoken. And it’s pretty much unanimous. The TecTecTec line of rangefinders is absolutely one of the best quality rangefinders for the money. When it comes to popularity this device is one of the best sellers on the market.


TecTecTec Rangefinders Q&A:

Why is the VPRO500 rangefinder great for golf?

To begin with, this TecTecTec laser rangefinder has the Advanced PinSensor Technology that makes it a great tool to have to make sure you make your par.

This PinSensor technology enables you to determine an accurate distance by disregarding any overlapping objects that could interfere with your swing.

One good example of this is rain. PinSensor will ignore any reflections from rain drops and will continue to range out to the flag to provide you the distance to your next hole.


What is the primary target mode for the TecTecTec rangefinder?

This golf digital rangefinder uses Pinseeker or Flagseeker mode which is First Target Priority Mode.

This is particularly appropriate for golf since you’ll receive the closest distance to you and not the distances of background trees, brush, or other distractions.

Its target seeking platform zeros in on the flag so that you can get a fast and accurate distance reading no matter what obstructions are present.


Can the rangefinder pick up basic, unadorned flagsticks?

The target seeking technology of this rangefinder is important since it relates to flagstick locating sensitivity.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 can effectively zone in on flagsticks that don’t have any special prisms or reflective material as long as it’s within the 540 yard range.

Not all golf courses use special designs such as reflective tape or screw-mountable prisms for rangefinder reception, but this will be a non-issue since the VPRO500 performs well without them.


Does the unit have a scan mode?

The TecTecTec monocular rangefinder does have a scan mode and it’s called ProScan.

This is a standard feature for all conventional rangefinders, and it’s especially helpful for golf since it can identify hazards such as water, sand traps, and different objects other than the flag.

As you pan the rangefinder over the course, the distances will float onto the display as you pass over the targets. This feature can definitely be a thumbs up if you just want a quick distance evaluation of your course.


This rangefinder is supposed to be “jam packed” with features, what else does it have?

Good question! Most entry level golf rangefinders only feature a first target priority mode and a scan mode. The TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder has another mode to boast: Distant Target Priority Mode.

Most consumers know this feature to be particularly useful while hunting or target shooting since it ignores foreground objects and gives you the distances of the furthest targets. Surprisingly, this golf rangefinder is equipped with it.

Whether you’re wanting to range how far the obstructions are in the background or you’d like to range past the wooded golfing areas, you have this capability at the touch of a button.


What kind of quality optics does the VPRO500 have?

The TecTecTec rangefinders actually have quite high quality lens. For a cheap laser rangefinder, they sport a notch above most other rangefinders in terms of reliability and lens resolution.

They have multi-layer coatings that’s applied to at least one lens surface to ensure pristine, sharp, and bright images. This usually ends up meaning more in cost too, but here we see TecTecTec delivers on high quality for affordable prices.


How user-friendly is the rangefinder?

The TecTecTec rangefinder is an ideal unit because they’re supposed to be very easy to use, and the VPRO500 certainly delivers ease-of-use.

There’s nothing woefully fancy about it that you’d have to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong button or holding down too long to be sent to a menu screen or something or other. It’s very simple in design with its one button operation.


Does it have an adjustable focus?

The TecTecTec laser rangefinders have an adjustable manual focus that’s very easy to use no matter what type of vision you have so that you can be guaranteed clear images.

Higher end rangefinders have an auto focus feature that can save you seconds and the hassle of having to manually adjust focus. But then again, what’s a quick twist worth to you?


Does the VPRO500 have a “pin locking” feature?

Unfortunately, this rangefinder doesn’t have any sort of feature that indicates that the unit has locked on to the pin such as a sound or a vibration.

You’ll know your rangefinder has located the pin when you aim, press, and receive a distance reading. Don’t hold the lack of a “pin locking” feature against it though since there are few rangefinders on the market that actually do have this capability.


What maximum yard ranges does the TecTecTec rangefinder get?

Most budget-friendly golf rangefinders tend to have a maximum yard range within the 400 to 600 yard mark, and the VPRO500 fits that requirement. It can range out to 540 yards which is ideal enough.


What is the magnification power of the VPRO500?

This unit has 6X magnification which is pretty standard for a decent golf laser rangefinder.

Really cheap units tend to stay around the 4X magnification. The highest magnification for a golf monocular rangefinder of the vertical design is 7X.

Going beyond that should require tripod use for clear images, which then in turn wouldn’t be ideal for golf.

The only downside to the strong magnification is that there has been complaints from some reviewers that you need a pretty steady hand when long distance ranging since the unit doesn’t have a built-in stabilizer.

Remember though, this can be true of most rangefinders out there and can be easily solved, say, by steadying your arm against a standing club or the steering wheel of your golf cart.


Is the VPRO500 available in other colors?

The VPRO500 and the VPRO500S Slope rangefinders and their cases are all black. There are no other color options available, even for the cases.

On the upside, this helps to keep costs down. The downside is, most golf club bags and golf cart cup holders are black as well, so forgetting a unit can easily be done.

Even if TecTecTec didn’t offer colored rangefinders, maybe the case could come with a splash of color to improve identification to prevent losses.


Are the TecTecTec rangefinders waterproof?

They’re made with rain-proof technology that helps keep it semi protected during use when it’s pouring down. The battery compartment is sealed tight to keep electrical components protected.

Despite its basic rain resistant qualities, it’s not ultra-waterproof per se. Since it has the impressive PinSensor technology that’s especially effective for ranging even when it’s raining, it should be more watertight than it is to withstand the threat of heavier weather.


Does the VPRO500 have angle or slope compensation?

This particular model doesn’t have the angle compensation feature. This rangefinder provides the basic line of sight or raw/actual distance only. Because this is a non-slope rangefinder, it’s tournament legal for use in the United States.

Despite that this model doesn’t have the angle compensating feature, TecTecTec does offer the VPRO500S Slope that does.


Is the VPRO500S Slope the same as the VPRO500?

Yes and no. The Slope edition is pretty much exactly the same as the VPRO500 in design and size, available modes, optics, and ease of use, save for the TecTecTec slope calculating feature.

The VPRO500S has TecTecTec’s PinSlope technology that allows you to view and calculate angle distances so that you can adjust your swing and club to cater for a change in angle elevation.


Can the angle compensation mode be turned off on the VPRO500S?

The slope edition rangefinder is made to calculate angle adjusted distances, so it’s always going to calculate with those values. You can’t select between turning it on or off.

This could be a downside if you wanted to be able to toggle between the two, but then again, if there’s no elevation change, your “adjusted” or true distance is going to be the same as your actual or raw distance anyway.


Can the TecTecTec rangefinders be used for activities other than golf?

The VPRO500 models are made for golf players in mind. Having clarified that, unofficially and off the record, I would say that you could get away with using it off the golf course.

How? The additional features that these models sport such as the Distant Target priority mode, Scan mode, and PinSlope, can actually benefit you in other areas.

Target shooting and tactical use would be appropriate. Even basic bow hunting and rifle hunting could work too. You don’t have the fancy ballistic data to aid you, but then again, this is a golf rangefinder.


How much do the VPRO500 and the VPRO500S Slope rangefinders cost?

The VPRO500 will cost you approximately $150, and the VPRO500S Slope rangefinder will be a little bit more due to the additional angle compensating feature.

You should expect to pay about $190ish for this model. That’s quite a steal since the quality of available features would typically run you another $200 more.

The TecTecTec line of rangefinders are definitely in the cheap and budget-friendly price range. Make no mistake though, they definitely don’t skimp on features nor are they inferior in quality.

Display of the TecTecTec rangefinder carry case.


Noteworthy Features:

  • PinSensor Technology for sensitive flagseeking acquisition
  • PinSeeker Mode for closest distance readings
  • ProScan Mode for floating distances on various targets
  • Distant Target Priority Mode for furthest distance ranging
  • Multi-layered coatings for enhanced brightness and clarity
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty
  • Includes carry case and free CR2 battery
  • Small, light-weight, and compact in design


Which is the Best TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder for You?

The TecTecTec laser rangefinders for golf are definitely proving their worth out on the green. Most reviewers are convinced that this line provides the same features and quality as what most other name brand rangefinders provide, except for a way friendlier and eye-pleasing price tag.

If you’re looking for that extra game booster, the VPRO500 is definitely an adequate friend to have while breaking 80, and I classify it as a mid-level rangefinder for an entry-level price.

The VPRO500S with Slope definitely has more tech involved, and for only a few bucks more it’s definitely worth the buy. Since they’re both pretty much exactly the same, I’d recommend the rangefinder with the slope feature to be the best buy.

If you are looking for the brands latest and greatest rangefinder, you can’t go past the VPRO500 DLX which is built with even better quality materials and optics. It is even available in a Slope version and a 1000 yard model.

Check out the comparisons on the different models in the table below.

gtcatpages-table__imageVPRO500TecTecTec's Original & Most Popular Rangefinder With 540 Yard RangeVIEW ON AMAZON
gtcatpages-table__imageVPRO500SIdentical to the VPRO500 Except For The Addition of SlopeVIEW ON AMAZON
gtcatpages-table__imageVPRO DLXThe Latest No-Slope Rangefinder From TecTecTec, With Upgraded OpticsVIEW ON AMAZON
gtcatpages-table__imageVPRO DLX STecTecTec's Newest Slope Rangefinder Made With Higher Quality MaterialsVIEW ON AMAZON
gtcatpages-table__imageVPRO DLX 1K1000 Yard Range - The Longest of Any TecTecTec RangefinderVIEW ON AMAZON


Our Verdict

You’d think that really cheap golf rangefinders would disappoint in quality and functionality, but alas, the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinders would prove you wrong.

They’re a solid buy for an affordable price, and you don’t have to undergo the “you spent too much on your toy” look from the spouse when it shows up on your bank statement. There’s no buyer’s remorse with these units, just buyer’s satisfaction. In the unlikely event you are not happy with the TecTecTec you can head over here to see the full range of golfing range finder devices.


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