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Laser Link RH2 (Red Hot 2) Rangefinder Review


Last Updated: Mar 4, 2019 @ 7:13 pm

Yard Range: 5-1000 yards
Magnification: None
Dimensions: 5.375 x 2 x 3.125 inches
Weight: 6.4 oz with battery
Display Type: LCD/Black with red aiming dot
Tournament Legal: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Distance Only
Waterproof: No
Battery Type: 9-volt

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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Laser Link RH2 Review

This Laser Link RH2 (Red Hot 2) sports Laser Link’s iconic pistol-shaped design with a large LCD display. It has their Red Dot Aiming System that can range out to any target on the course and can be conveniently confirmed with the option of three popular and different types of settings.

The rangefinder is able to target any point while you’re on the green, not just flagsticks alone. Its shape, ease of use, and versatility is what has reviewers in an enthusiastic frenzy.

With quite a few reviewers having a say, it boasts a near perfect rating with plenty of people giving it a perfect score. That really should speak for itself. The RH2 is fire engine hot!

  • Price
  • Pistol-shaped
  • Red Dot Aiming System
  • Zero-In Alignment
  • 1,000 yard range
  • Reports of quality control issues


Laser Link RH2 (Red Hot 2) Q&A:

What is the maximum yard range of the Laser Link RH2?

While the old version of the red hot rangefinder only had a maximum yard range of 800 yards, the new and improved version can get readings even further, out to 1000 yards. This is a lot of yardage for a golf game, but it’s nice to have the availability in case you want to range out to other things.


Can the RH2 acquire readings off more than just flagsticks?

Laser Link rangefinders are excellent units at providing accurate and fast readings especially when reflective prisms and other such mechanisms are used on the course. However, you don’t have to worry about what your course does or doesn’t have to improve rangefinder reception as this unit can pick up all targets just by aiming and shooting.

The rangefinder can acquire target distances from flagsticks, trees, bunkers, and almost anything else that you can point to within the 1000 maximum yard range.


Does the rangefinder have a confirmation signal once a target has been acquired?

This happens to be a focal point of the Red Hot rangefinder that few other rangefinders in the market have. This unit, including the other pistol-shaped Laser Link rangefinders, feature three yardage confirmation settings: Silent, Audio, and Vibrate.

The handle part of the rangefinder vibrates when it has locked onto a target. This would be the considerate setting if you’re playing with friends. If you’re not so considerate, the audio setting should have your comrade distracted enough.


What is the red dot system the rangefinder uses?

The viewfinder uses a Red Dot Aiming System with Zero-In Alignment Aid to enhance target acquisition.

When the firing button is depressed, a red dot with a black circle surrounding it will be displayed in the center of the viewfinder as the aiming reticle. When the firing button is released, the red dot will disappear from the display.


Why is the laser rangefinder pistol-shaped?

This is the question that’s bound to be asked. The pistol-shaped laser rangefinders are Laser Link’s trademarked design that has more purpose than just easy brand recognition.

The Red Hot 2 is meant to be held like you would hold a radar gun, with two hands if you wanted for additional ease of use. You don’t even have to bring the rangefinder to your eye which allows you to keep your sunglasses on and easily view the distance on the separate LCD screen.


How convenient is it to carry around on the golf course?

The rangefinder is actually not as big as the pictures might suggest. It may look like a beast of a unit but it only measures in at 5.375 x 2 x 3.125 inches.

It’s bigger than the XL 1000 but still smaller and slimmer than its predecessor, the Red Hot rangefinder, but still pretty average sized for a conventional rangefinder.

You’d think too that the larger it is, the heavier it should be. Well, you’d be mistaken. The RH2 only weighs a mere 6.4 ounces, including the weight of the 9-volt battery. If you know your specs, you’d know that this weighs even lighter than the XL 1000.

You can buy the Red Hot rangefinder with a carry case that can conveniently clip onto a bag or even a belt. But, you do have to admit that its rather odd form would make it a bit awkward to have hitched to your hip.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Silent, Vibrate, Audio flag-lock confirmation settings
  • Zero-in Alignment Aid works in tandem with Red Dot Aiming System
  • Impressive 1000 yard range to pick up non-reflective targets for use on courses without reflectors and prisms
  • Laser Link’s well-known and popular pistol-shaped design
  • Compact, lightweight, and comfortable design


Our Verdict on the RH2

To ping up the strokes, the Laser Link RH2 is a neat rangefinder that everyone finds a breeze to use. Just aim, shoot, and ping! Only a few, minor complaints report issues with one thing or another, but it’s reasonable to say that it’s a hit with the golfing crowd.

The Laser Link pistol-shaped rangefinders are one of a kind. There’s no comparing the design to any other rangefinder in the industry. However, the Nikon CoolShot 20 is an affordable option, is extremely compact, and is even comfortable to hold. Maybe it’s not as cool looking as the Laser Link, but we did warn you that the RH2 is one of a kind!

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