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Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder

Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2020 @ 5:56 pm

Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder Product Specifications:

  • 3 Targeting Modes: Standard, Pin, and Scan
  • Pin Finder Also Includes a Vibration Mode for Instant Alerts
  • 6X Magnifications (Some of the most advanced technology on the market)
  • Slope On/Off Switch Included for Slope-Adjusted Locations and Distances

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder Review

The Golfbuddy aim L10 does exactly what it is intended to do while delivering high-quality results to both professional and recreational golfers alike. If you’ve been scouring local sports shops and online resources to find the very best laser rangefinder possible, you have come to the right place. The Golfbuddy Aim L10 is extremely compact and designed in a sporty fashion, optimal for carrying when traveling or on-the-go.

The Aim L10 is not only compact and sporty, but it also includes 6x magnification, which is top of the line when it comes to finding the very best rangefinder on the market today. Whether you have plans to go professional or if you simply want to hone in on your golfing skills and abilities, the Aim L10 rangefinder is a must-have tool, especially when playing long drives and on terrain that is less than smooth.

Finding a premium laser rangefinder can feel overwhelming once you begin browsing and comparing your options. With a GolfBuddy product, rest assured knowing your investment is worth it with the product you receive. Not only has GolfBuddy been a leading source of the best golfing products since 2003 out of Santa Fe Springs, California, but it has also been a top-notch innovator in the field. Choosing a laser finder such as the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is a way to drastically improve your ability while on the range, regardless of the surrounding terrain, weather, and the competition you keep in your company.

Pros/Cons of the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder

  • Compact, Sporty Design
  • Larger LCD Screen for Better Viewing Purposes
  • 3 Targeting Modes (Pin Finder With Vibration Mode Included)
  • “On/Off” Slope Switch for Increased Accuracy
  • Easy to Use: Easy to Use Even for Beginner Golfers or Those Who Are Inexperienced on the Driving Range

  • Price: The Cost of the Aim L10 Ranges From $299 to More Than $350 USD for One Single Unit
  • Lack of Color Display: Unfortunately, the Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is Only Available in Black and White, not Color

Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder Q&A (Questions and Answers)

Before investing in the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder for an upcoming golf outing, be sure to read and review common questions and answers that are most relevant to the laser rangefinder itself.

What modes are available with the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder?

The L10 includes a Standard (with voice or no voice), Pin, and Scan mode. The standard mode with voice is unique and provides more insight into using the device properly when scanning and pinpointing holes or targeted areas. Use the rangefinder’s pin and scan modes to quickly detect multiple surfaces and spaces within seconds of use. The L10’s Pin mode is also vibrational, for even more accurate detection of targets.

What is the accuracy of the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder?

The accuracy range of the L10 laser rangefinder is +1/-1 FT, making it one of the most accurate rangefinders on the market.

Does the L10 Require Constant Monitoring While in Use for Battery Power?

One of the advantages of choosing the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is that it has an automatic shutoff function built-in. The rangefinder will automatically power down after 10 seconds of not being in uses, helping to preserve on its battery life for even the longest days at the driving range or on the course.

“What type of battery is used in the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder?”

A CR2 3V Lithium battery is used in the rangefinder. The CR2 3V Lithium battery life is approximately between 3,000 and 5,000 actuations.

“Is it possible to use the laser rangefinder without a battery?”

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder without a battery. The unit is not chargeable with electricity at this time.

Is the device compliant for tournaments and competitions?

Yes! The Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is completely USGA/R&A compliant, making it a great choice for anyone interested in entering a tournament or using a handicap while on the course.

Is it possible to keep the L10 from water damage?

Yes. The Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is water resistance, making it a solid choice for golfers who enjoy playing on tricky, wet, and damp terrain.

Noteworthy Features

  • 3 Targeting Modes: Standard Mode (With or Without Voice), Scan, and Pin. Turn on voice activation when in Standard mode for guidance and a complete walkthrough while using the device (optimal for new golfers or for those becoming acquainted with the laser rangefinder for the first time).
  • Slope “On/Off” Switch: Work through challenging terrain and tricky slope heights using the slope “on/off” switch built-in with the Aim L10.
  • Pin Finder With Vibration Mode: Activate the L10’s vibration mode with its Pin mode feature to quickly determine the distance and slope of a targeted area.

Our Verdict on the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder

For amateur and professional golfers, the Golfbuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder is one of the top golfing solutions and products available to invest in before hitting the range or your preferred golf course. Its ergonomic, compact, and sporty design is ideal for individuals who are seeking non-bulky products and tools each time they are golfing (for sport or for fun). Transport the L10 with ease and without bulky accessories to help maximize your golfing efforts. With three built-in modes (including a pin finder with an automatic vibration mode), the Golfbuddy Aim L10 is sure to deliver the results you are seeking the next time you are at the range or on a course.

With a slogan such as “Accuracy Matters”, it is no wonder that GolfBuddy remains a leading provider in the golfing industry. In addition to its laser rangefinder products, GolfBuddy is also known for it’s GPS Golf Watch products, which are optimal for golfers who prefer wearable items whenever they travel or golf on-the-go. For similar options, consider Bushnell’s Tour Patriot Laser Rangefinger, which is similar in cost, features, and functionality. It is important to note, however, that the Bushnell Tour Patriot Laser Rangefinder only offers 6x magnification with one of its model types.

While there are alternatives available to select from when shopping for a new rangefinder, choosing a solution that is high-quality and worth the investment is a must. For the very best in magnification and overall accuracy, consider the GolfBuddy Aim L10 Laser Rangefinder to assist you on the course and at the driving range.

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