Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder with JOLT & Exchange Technology

bushnell-tour-x-rangefinderYard Range: 5-1300/5-450 to flag
Magnification: 6X21 mm objective diameter
Display Type: LCD/Black and LED/Red
Dimensions: 1.5 x 4 x 3 inches, 8 oz
Tournament Legal: Yes – Black/No – Red faceplate
Waterproof: No. Rain-resistant
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Distance & Slope Compensation

Our Rating:

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Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

This Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is a favorite indeed with its Tournament Legal status when you need it and its Slope Technology feature when you want it.

The Exchange Technology, Dual Display Technology, and E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) features are the highlight of the Tour X. Would it be too much if I threw in the 6X magnification with HD optics, 1300 yard distance ranging with 450 yards to the flag, and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology? Never.

This rangefinder is a fully-loaded unit that probably has more features than you might even consider using. If you’re looking for basic, it’s definitely not here.

Even though it’s many notches above basic, it’s still simple to use and functional in design. With loads of reviewers having their say, the Tour X rangefinder has an impeccable rating. With the capabilities it has, I don’t expect to see the rating move much from its throne.

Update - 2017.06.20The Tour X is still available but has been upgraded to a newer model, the Pro X2. The main difference between the two models is that the Tour X requires you to change the faceplate to switch between slope and distance only technology while with the new Pro X2, slope-switch technology enables you to toggle slope on and off at the switch of a button. Check out the Pro X2 here.
  • Exchange technology
  • Dual Display technology
  • E.S.P. 2
  • Jolt
  • HD optics
  • PinSeeker
  • Mirrored lens


Tour X Rangefinder Q&A:

What is Exchange Technology and does the Tour X have it?

One of the impressive features of the Tour X is the Exchange Technology that it’s equipped with. This rangefinder comes with an interchangeable faceplate that allows you to switch been distance only technology and slope compensation technology.

The rangefinder comes with a black faceplate that provides you with distance only readings. This makes it a USGA approved rangefinder that you can use in the tournaments.

Taking it off and replacing it with the red faceplate provides you with instant access to slope compensation when you want it. Even though it’s not approved for tournament use when the red faceplate is on, you can easily take it off and install the black one.

It’s two units in one and it appeals to players of all skill sets.

What type of display does the rangefinder have?

The Tour X has another powerful feature that’s bound to impress you. DDT is Dual Display Technology which allows you to toggle between using the black LCD display and the red LED display at the flip of a switch.

Most users of rangefinders have some sort of complaint about the quality of ambient light available at various times of the day and how it affects the quality of the display.

The black tends to do better in bright conditions whereas the red performs excellently in low light conditions. Can’t decide which one you prefer? With the Tour X, you don’t have to – you have them both.

How accurate are the distances of this rangefinder?

This Bushnell rangefinder is one of its most accurate rangefinders in the market. Bushnell is extremely confident in its ability to provide accurate readings thanks to its Extreme. Speed. Precision. (E.S.P.) technology.

It provides distances in 1/2 yard readings up to 1300 maximum yards. If you’re ranging within 125 yards, you’ll get readings within 1/10th of a yard.

Does this rangefinder have other crosshairs available?

Even with all of the fantastic features of this Bushnell rangefinder, it doesn’t have the availability of using different crosshairs. With such a souped-up unit, it would be nice to have that option. But it’s really not a big deal when you’ve got all the other pretty awesome features to boot.

Will the rangefinder survive bad weather?

Unfortunately, and to Bushnell’s detriment, the impressive and almost perfect Tour X isn’t fully waterproof. It really would’ve added to its durability and versatility features if it was fully watertight.

This rangefinder could’ve been in a complete category of its own if Bushnell had gone all the way with the X. If this puts you off and you want to see devices that are water resistant then I recommend reading this.


Noteworthy Features:

  • PinSeeker Technology for closest target acquisition
  • Jolt Technology confirms target acquisition with short vibrations
  • Dual Display Technology to toggle between LCD and LED displays
  • Exchange Technology for slope values when you want it or tournament play when you need it
  • E.S.P. Technology for guaranteed accuracy within -/+1/2 yard to 1300 yards and -/+1/10th yard to 125 yards
  • Fully Multi-coated lens for enhanced brightness and contrast
  • 2 Year Bushnell Warranty

Our Verdict on the Tour X

To ping up the strokes, the Bushnell Tour X is an above-par rangefinder with slope that’s more than capable of being your companion on the green. However, the Vivid Display Technology often presents issues for users. You should note that it does have four brightness settings to play with to find optimum optical conditions.

If you don’t want to mess around with various face plates, the Leupold GX-5i3 is a 2-in-1 unit that can disable slope measurements with one push. It has a hefty price tag, but if you value ease of use, the extra bucks will pay for itself. And then there is Bushnell’s new Pro X2 which also enables you to disable slope with the flick of a switch, and is closer in price to its predecessor the Tour X.

The Bushnell Tour Z6 with Jolt has everything Bushnell has to give without the slope adjustments. If you’re playing legal most of the time, this will be perfect for you! The gist of it is, Bushnell will get you on the green and on par each and every time!

No Longer Available – View Updated Model


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