Breaking 80 SS600 Slope Compensating Rangefinder

breaking 80 ss600Yard Range: 5-600 yards
Magnification: 6X24mm objective diameter
Display Type: LCD/Black
Tournament Legal: No
Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Waterproof: Yes. Not submersible.
Measuring Systems: Yards/meters
Measuring Features: Angle/Slope compensation

Our Rating:

Not Available – See Alternatives

Update - 2017.06.20Breaking 80 are revamping their rangefinder line and the SS600 is no longer available. You might want to try the Breaking 80 rangefinder that started it all – the IS500. Unlike the SS600, the IS500 does not have slope technology so if you are looking for a rangefinder with Slope in a similar affordable price range (about $180) you can’t go past the TecTecTec VPRO 500S (Slope).

Breaking 80 SS600 Rangefinder Review

This Breaking 80 SS600 is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic golf rangefinder with PinSensor and SmartSlope Software for even more stroke accuracy while on the green. With angle compensated distances, 6X magnification, and IntelliScan features, holes, flags, and distances are elusive no more. You don’t have to break the bank to get reliability.

This is actually a pretty nifty unit to have if you’re looking for some added features without the added cost. Running you up to about $180 is a steal for the quality you’re getting.

A decent amount of consumers online have given it a good rating. This rating only adds to the numerous satisfied customers you’ll find online that love the advanced technology and also the simple ease of use of the rangefinder without the added costs compared to other name brand units.

  • Price
  • Slope adjustments
  • 600 yard range
  • IntelliScan Mode
  • Pin Sensor 3 Technology
  • Inaccurate readings reported

Breaking 80 SS600 Q&A:

How much of a yard difference does this unit have compared to the IS500?

The SS600 unit can accurately range to a flag stick without using prisms or reflectors up to about 300 yards, -/+1 yard. It can range out to about a maximum of 600 yards. This should be plenty enough distance for a typical golf game.

What is different about the SS600?

The most obvious difference in features is the Smart Slope technology.

This rangefinder is able to take into account the actual line of sight distance and the elevation change in the environment to allow you to calculate the slope adjusted distance (SAD).

This SAD is the distance that’ll best suit your shot, and it’s the distance that you can use to select which club is appropriate for that shot.

How big is the rangefinder?

It’s relatively the same small and compact size as the IS500 which measures in at 3 x 4 x 1.5 inches. This ergonomic and one-hand design makes it ideal to take with you anywhere and everywhere while on the course.

Does the slope rangefinder have an auto shut off feature?

Yes. The Breaking 80 rangefinders automatically shut off after 30 seconds of non-use. This feature helps to conserve battery life and is one less thing you have to worry about when getting ready to make your swing.

How long do the batteries last?

The Slope golf rangefinder does decently for battery usage. It takes CR2 lithium ion batteries which is pretty much the standard for modern rangefinders these days.

It can last you about six months to a year with regular usage, but of course that’s dependable upon how dependent you are on the SS600. Either way, it has a battery life indicator right there on the display so you’ll know where you’re at every time you hit the green.

What kind of reticle does the unit have?

The SS600 sports a black cross in the middle with squared corners around it. Simple in design, it makes it easy for flag acquisition. Although it seems there isn’t any complaint about this particular reticle, it still would be nice to have an option or two to change it.

Is it available in other colors?

Unlike the IS500 that has alternate colors available, the slope is only available in white with silver. It’s still handsome in design, but if all the other models have other colors, this one should at least be available in at least one other color scheme.

Is this rangefinder tournament legal?

Although the IS500 laser rangefinder is tournament legal, the SS6000 rangefinder is not.

The disqualifying factor is actually the added highlight that makes it so much better, the smart slope feature. I wouldn’t hold that against it though since all rangefinders with an angle compensating feature are not USGA approved.

What information is displayed on the screen?

The Smart Slope golf rangefinder has a lot of vital information that needs to be displayed. In one image, you can easily view the battery life indicator, smart slope icon, angle, cross hairs, flag stick icon, raw distance, elevation distance, and the level distance.

The downside to the display of all this visual information is that it can seem too cluttered and distracting.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Smart Slope technology
  • IntelliScan Mode
  • 3rd Generation PinSensor Software
  • Multi-layer coatings
  • Small, compact, and ergonomic design

Our Verdict on the SS600

To ping up the strokes, the Breaking 80 SS600 is a decent golf rangefinder for the price if you can get your hands on it. Breaking 80 is revamping and upgrading their laser rangefinder to help break 80 easier than ever before!

However, the Breaking 80 IS500 is back and badder than ever. It’s been redesigned with the classic style to be wider and more comfortable to hold and ping with.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is the perfect rangefinder to compare to the Breaking 80 unit. This model is simple, but it has everything you need. For slope, check out the TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Rangefinder. With its popularity and performance abilities, it’s a steal for the price!

Start your golf game off with the tee and the right distance. Breaking 80 rangefinders will help you get there!

Not Available – See Alternatives


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