Leupold Golf Rangefinder Reviews: GX-5i3, GX-1i2, GX-3i2, GX-4i2 & Pincaddie 2

If this is your one chance to find and buy a laser rangefinder that you hope will be your last purchase for years to come, just like an engagement ring, then you’re in the right review.

You want the best cut optics and the most brilliant reflectivity when you’re not only willing, but excitedly willing to write a blank check for the perfect rangefinder. No matter the cost for the perfect one, right?

Look no further, because the Leupold of your dreams is exactly what you’ve been looking for. We are going to check out the following in these Leupold golf range finder reviews:

Leupold is one of those brands where you expect consistently high quality and astute attention to detail. They’ve been trusted for over 100 years to deliver sport optics that just get better and better as time goes on.

Kind of like marriage, wouldn’t you say? You know they’re a brand worth trusting and investing in when they offer state-of-the-art technology that’s been years in the making.

Let’s say “I do” to the GXi2 and new GXi3 series.

Leupold Golf Rangefinder Reviews

The GX line of Leupold rangefinders were 2012’s pride and joy. Since then, Leupold quickly went back to work to make that line even better. Their new line of GXi2 and GXi3 rangefinders are all equipped with the new, more accurate, and faster than ever Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine technology that’s supposed to be unmatched.

All of their golf laser rangefinders are fully waterproof, tournament legal, and are made to endure. If you’re committed to the green, put a ring on it – excuse me, I meant a Leupold. There’s no golf game that’s complete if you don’t have a GX.

 Product NameRangeSlopeStand-out Features 
Leupold GX-5i3 100pxLeupold GX-5i36-700 Yards (450 to the flag)Yes (can be turned off for tournament play)OLED/Red display, True Golf Range & Club Selector Functions, PinHunter 3 technology.
gx-1i2-rangefinderLeupold GX-1i26-800 Yards (400 to the flag)NoLCD/Black Display, 7 reticles to choose from.
gx-3i2-rangefinderLeupold GX-3i26-800 Yards (450 to the flag)NoOLED/Red display, 3 reticles to choose from.
gx-4i2-rangefinderLeupold GX-4i26-800 Yards (450 to the flag)Yes (can be turned off for tournament play)OLED/Red Display, PinHunter 2 technology.
pincaddie-2Leupold Pincaddie 26-650 Yards (300 to the flag)NoLCD/Black Display, Long battery life, small and compact.

Leupold GX-5i3 Review – New to 2016/17

Leupold GX-5i3Trust Leupold to come out with an all-in-one rangefinder to really lower your scores and get around the course faster. No more fiddle-farting around with face plates on this unit. It has everything you could ever want to maximize your stroke and your game while also having the ability to be a tournament legal unit at the press of a button.

The two-in-one rangefinder is more than just a two-in-one unit. Leupold recently upgraded their already advanced DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine to get you closer than ever – 1/10 of a yard closer!

With the new and advanced PinHunter 3 Laser Technology, you have an increased pulse rate for faster and powerful laser emissions to truly lock onto the flag. No matter the distance or the shake in your hands, PinHunter 3 will eliminate all user and weather error to quickly and precisely identify the flag and lock on for ultimate target acquisition!

With True Golf Range, Club Selector, Scan Mode, Prism Lock Technology, and an OLED Plus Point reticle, you won’t ever have to mess with GPS again! Welcome to the new era of the GX series!

Leupold GX-5i3 Rangefinder Q&A

Q. Does the Leupold 5i3 have Slope Compensation?

A. Yes! The True Golf Range feature enables golfers to compensate for long distances on uphill shots and short distances on downhill shots. This feature can also be disabled to be permissible for tournament play use.

Q. Can the Rangefinder Suggest Clubs for Play?

A. Not only does this sweet rangefinder suggest recommended clubs for play, it also suggests the clubs you should use for slope compensation, weather conditions, and personal hitting strength. With TGR and the Club Selector features, you have ultimate customization in the palm of your hand.

Q. Does a Flapping Flag Affect Distance Readings?

A. While a flag flying around in the wind has been known to affect distance readings by a few tenths of a yard, the Leupold GX-5i3 eliminates these errors with every feature that’s loaded into the unit. Furthermore, if you’re playing a course with prisms, the Prism Lock Technology will lock onto the prisms versus the flag for extreme accuracy.

Q. Is the Leupold GX-5i3 a Compact Rangefinder?

A. The GX-5i3 is one of Leupold’s smallest rangefinders, second only to the PinCaddie 2. It’s smaller than the earlier GX models but measures in the same as the GX-3i2 and GX-4i2. It has a 22 objective lens, is 3.8 inches long, 3.0 inches in height, and 1.4 inches wide.

Q. Is the GX-5i3 Lightweight?

A. The Leupold golf rangefinder is very lightweight at only 7.3 ounces. Although it has the same dimension specs as its GX siblings, it’s a few ounces lighter making it more comfortable to wield and hold while on the green.

Q. How does the Golf Rangefinder Stand up to Weather?

A. The GX-5i3 is a lightweight beast that has been built with Leupold’s renown ruggedness, and it can withstand and endure even the worst weather conditions. It’s completely waterproof and has a built-in Fog Mode to cut through mist for impressive accuracy.

Q. Why Choose the GX Rangefinder over a Golf GPS Unit?

A. While conventional GPS rangefinders can only determine triangulated distances on the front, center, and back of the green, the GX can find the pin with extreme accuracy no matter where it is on the course. With a GPS unit, you’re dependent upon satellite calculated distances. With the GX series, you have the ability to incorporate elevation changes, atmospheric conditions, and hitting strength for a true distance to the flag.

Leupold GX-5i3 Golf Rangefinder Specs:

  • Yard Range: 6-800 reflective
  • Magnification: 6X22 mm objective diameter
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.0 x 1.4 inches, 7.3 ounces
  • Display Type: LED/Red
  • Tournament Legal: Yes
  • Measuring System: Yards/Meters
  • Measuring Distance: Distance and Slope Compensation
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Noteworthy Features:

    • Upgraded and advanced DNA Technology for faster and more accurate distance readings
    • New PinHunter 3 Technology for rapid target acquisition
    • One-Touch Scan Mode for faster readings while sweeping the course
    • Prism-Lock Technology for audible tones and faster “locking on” automatic readings
    • Club Selector feature to ensure you use the right club every single shot
    • Fully multi-coated lens with red OLED display for brighter, clearer, and scratch-proof images
    • TGR feature to compensate for uphill and downhill shots
    • Can determine hitting strength, atmospheric conditions, and elevation changes in one!
    • Waterproof and Fog Mode enable play in any type of weather
    • Lightweight, compact, and rugged for all golf play and conditions


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    Leupold GX-1i2 Rangefinder Review

    gx-1i2-rangefinderThis Leupold GX-1i2 golf rangefinder has seven selectable aiming reticles at your disposal to really up your legal golf game.  It also has PinHunter 2, Prism Lock, and Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) Golf technologies to really give you an advantage against your opponent.  Being completely waterproof with Fog Mode will ensure that you last the entire 18 rounds no matter the type of weather.

    The GX-1i2 rangefinder is still pretty new to the market. Online it has a good rating to date. Its popular predecessor, the GX-1i, had a solid approval rating among its reviewers, and you can only assume that the GX-1i2 is an improvement.

    With so much to offer, it’s definitely a must-have. The slightly higher price is worth it for the name brand, the superior optics, and the additional features.

    Leupold GX-1i2 Rangefinder Q&A:

    Q. Is there an option to change the reticles on the GX rangefinder?

    A. The GX-1i2 digital rangefinder has seven different reticles that you can choose from to use. That’s pretty impressive since being able to toggle between reticles for preference sake is a rare feature.

    But would you really expect anything less from Leupold?

    Q. Is a steady hand required to use the GX-1i2 rangefinder?

    A. The GX rangefinder has 6X magnification which is widely becoming the norm for an entry level rangefinder.

    The 6X can be an issue for some people that experience shakiness with this level of magnification, but this unit has Leupold’s new PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock technology that zeros in to the flag and locks onto it.

    So even if it’s a little shaky, the pin seeking mode reduces the concern of shakiness interfering with accurate target acquisition.

    Q. What is PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock Technology?

    A. The GX-1i2 rangefinder has Leupold’s newest pinseeker technology that helps to make sure that you can find the flag and stay on it for the most accurate results.

    The PinHunter 2 ignores practically all background images and focuses on zeroing in on the nearest target when several other distances are available. The Prism Lock is another feature that specifically hones in on flagsticks that are mounted with reflective prisms.

    Once the rangefinder detects the prisms, it will lock onto the target and will confirm target acquisition by a tonal beep as it displays the distance. The only downside is that not all courses use reflective material for ultimate rangefinder reception.

    This would make Prism Lock an unusable feature on these courses.

    Q. Is the rangefinder weatherproof?

    A. All of Leupold’s golf laser rangefinders, including the GX-1i2, are all fully waterproof to survive more than just sprinkling rain. This typically isn’t an entry-level feature that a basic rangefinder would have.

    The fact that this unit is completely waterproof, only adds to Leupold’s commitment of making quality rangefinders. So the next time it showers while you’re on the green, get romantic by taking your rangefinder hand in hand and keep on playing.

    Q. What kind of battery does it take and how long does it last?

    A. All the golf laser rangefinders in the Leupold family come with a CR2 lithium ion battery. The GX-1i2 is expected to punch out approximately 6000 readings before you’ll need to replace the Leupold rangefinder battery.

    That’s 2000 more readings than the other GX-i2 siblings can offer.

    Q. How compact is the rangefinder?

    A. This particular unit is actually one of Leupold’s largest rangefinders measuring in at 4.2 x 3.0 x 1.6 inches. Even though that seems pretty big, it’s still quite lightweight at 6.8 ounces thanks to the advanced polymer plastic construction it has.

    Leupold GX1i2 Golf Rangefinder Specs:

    • Yard Range: 6-800 reflective/6-400 to flag
    • Magnification: 6X23 mm objective diameter
    • Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.0 x 1.6 inches, 6.8 ounces
    • Display Type: LCD/Black
  • Tournament Legal: Yes
  • Measuring System: Yards/Meters
  • Measuring Distance: Distance only
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Noteworthy Features:

    • Revamped DNA technology for even more precise and faster readings
    • PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock Technology for zeroing in and locking onto the flag
    • Fog Mode to range through the toughest weather
    • Scan Mode available
    • 7 different reticles to choose from
    • Scratch-proof lens with low glare for clear and bright images


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    Leupold GX-3i2 Rangefinder Review

    gx-3i2-rangefinderThe Leupold GX-3i2 Rangefinder has every feature you could need from a Leupold with PinHunter Laser Technology, Prism Lock Technology, and Fog Mode.  Impressed?  It also has fully multi-coated lenses, Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) Golf, and an illuminated OLED Plus Point display.  This GX-3i2 is easily a grand unit you’d be proud to have at your side on the green.

    The Leupold GX-3i2 is a pricier rangefinder, but you’re getting the OLED display and the super-durable construction which could be worth it to most users.

    Even though it’s just as popular as its predecessor, it’s the latest, souped-up version of the GX-3i with longer battery life and the most up-to-date PinHunter 2 Technology.

    For its price and features, it falls in the higher end of the mid-level rangefinders in the market. With several dozen reviewers offering their opinion, the 3i2 is holding an excellent rating.

    Leupold GX-3i2 Rangefinder Q&A:

    Q. Is the GX-3i2 durable and will it survive accidental drops?

    A. Unlike the GX1i2, this model and the GX4i2 is made with Aerospace Grade Aluminum. Sounds fancy right? Well it is. If you’re going to drop this in a puddle or play with it in tornado weather, this is the unit you want.

    Its construction is extremely high-grade and it’s made to withstand the harshest conditions you can possibly play a round through. This puts a whole new meaning on “for better or for worse”…

    Q. Does the 3i2 have the smart Fog Mode feature?

    A. Yes it does, and so does all of the new GX rangefinders. The Fog Mode will be a really nifty feature for those times when the fog rolls in, it decides to rain, or even if those pretty but pesky little snowflakes start to fall.

    As the group ahead and behind you regrettably start making their way off the course, you can keep playing thanks to the touch of a button. By activating the smart feature, instead of laser reflections bouncing off fog or rain particles, the rangefinder will head right past all these distractions and look for the pin.

    Disappointingly to your playing companion, the game is still on unless he’s willing to admit defeat.

    Q. How is the GX-3i2 different from the GX-1i2?

    A. First of all, when you have this rangefinder in hand you’ll notice a slight difference in size. Its smaller than the GX-1i2 and still even smaller than its predecessor the GX-3i. Its dimensions are 3.8 x 3.0 x 1.4 inches. It has three different reticles to offer which is still three times more than what other rangefinders have, but still less than the GX1i2.

    But, one of the most biggest feature differences would be the OLED display that the GX3i2 has. With its red readings and reticle, you’ll be able to see and use the rangefinder despite the lighting or weather conditions of the day.

    Q. Is the battery compartment secure and sealed off well?

    A. The 3i2 rangefinder has a great and unique battery compartment lid design that hasn’t been used before… yet. There are many complaints of other rangefinders lids easily coming off and not staying put, and this can compromise the integrity of the electrical components and the entire unit itself.

    The Leupold battery lid actually has a screw top design. This ensures that you know it’s secure and will come off and on when you want it to. With this screw design and waterproof, rugged construction, I’d say it’s about sealed off as much as it can be.

    Q. Can the Prism Lock Technology be turned off on the GX-3i2?

    A. Unfortunately, the Prism Lock Technology is always on. The concept is, it’ll be that extra aid when you’ve got prism-mounted flagsticks available or it’s simply not going to “lock” onto a flagstick and beep if it doesn’t.

    Despite that, it still would be nice to turn it off if you wanted to.

    Leupold GX-3i2 Rangefinder Specs:

    • Yard Range: 6-800 reflective/6-450 to flag
    • Magnification: 6X22 mm objective diameter
    • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.0 x 1.4 inches, 7.8 ounces
    • Display Type: OLED/Red
  • Tournament Legal: Yes
  • Measuring System: Yards/Meters
  • Measuring Distance: Distance only
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Noteworthy Features:

    • Revamped DNA technology for even more precise and faster readings
    • PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock Technology for zeroing in and locking onto the flag
    • Fog Mode to range through the toughest weather
    • Scan Mode available
    • 3 different reticles to choose from
    • Scratch-proof lens with low glare for clear and bright images


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    Leupold GX-4i2 Review

    gx-4i2-rangefinderThe Leupold GX-4i2 Rangefinder has it all starting from fully multi-coated optics, illuminated OLED Plus Point display, and Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) Golf to PinHunter Laser Technology, Fog Mode, and Prism Lock Technology.  But, the real stunning feature lies in the True Golf Range and Club Selector features thanks to the interchangeable face-plate system.

    If you can’t help your attraction to Leupold’s GX-4i2 laser rangefinder, then you really should fire your caddie now. For a one time cost of around $400, your caddie has been permanently replaced.

    With several dozen reviewers reporting their experience with the new rangefinder, it’s raking in a solid rating. Now you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you walk down the aisle to the 4i2.

    Q. Can the 4i2 calculate angle compensation shots?

    A. Yes, and it can do way more than that. The GX-4i2 is Leupold’s slope edition rangefinder that can tell you exactly what you need to do and how far you need to go since it’s never a straight line to the hole. The slope technology that Leupold uses is called True Golf Range (TGR) and is more than capable of going the extra mile. Another rangefinder with this type of technology we review is the Coolshot AS Slope by Nikon.

    Leupold’s GX-4i2 Rangefinder Q&A:

    Q. What is the yellow Smart Key that comes with the GX-4i2?

    A. Be prepared to be overwhelmed – in a good way. The Smart Key is new technology that takes the original GX-4i rangefinder to a whole new level.

    The newly improved rangefinder comes with an interchangeable exterior faceplate that allows and restricts the use of features depending on which faceplate is installed.

    The smart key is the yellow faceplate that activates several features to personalize your golf game. These features include the inclinometer and club selector, as well as the option to manually input the temperature and altitude.

    Are you ready to fire your caddie yet?

    Q. Is the GX-4i2 tournament legal even with all these features?

    A. Yes. I’m not kidding. Although it sounds like a trick answer, it’s the truth. By replacing the yellow smart key with the chrome faceplate, your extra features will be disabled and your rangefinder is now tournament legal.

    Why? Well… the chrome plate is USGA permissible and allows your unit to be legally used during tournament play since you’re no longer able to access slope technology and additional tournament illegal features. Where does that leave the older version? In the dust.

    The GX-4i doesn’t have the luxury of being able to switch between the two worlds.

    Q. Does it have a club recommendation feature?

    A. Just like hunting rangefinders have ballistic and ammunition settings and recommendations, it makes sense that a golf rangefinder should have a club recommendation feature.

    By entering in your average shot distances for the 4, 6, and 8 irons, as well as the temperature and altitude, the GX-4i2 can then do the arithmetic to give you best selection possible.

    The display will recommend the club you need after you’ve depressed and released the laser firing button when ranging a distance. It’s also nice that you can turn the club recommendation feature off for when you’d rather not use it. That way, maybe your caddie might still have a job.

    Q. Is this rangefinder considered an affordable unit?

    A. The GX-4i2 is Leupold’s premium golf laser rangefinder and so it’s not considered a budget-friendly rangefinder. In fact, at full cost around $625, it’s one of the most expensive in the market.

    You can find it for around $420 though (leupold golf rangefinder best price), which is still dramatically cheaper than the GX-3i2 at full cost. If you were to compare the GX-4i2 to other brand premium rangefinders, it falls in the same price category.

    But… there’s always a but. The interchangeable faceplate and the club recommendation feature with the upgraded PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock technology certainly justify the higher price.

    Leupold GX-4i2 Rangefinder Specs:

    • Yard Range: 6-800 reflective/6-450 to flag
    • Magnification: 6X22 mm objective diameter
    • Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.0 x 1.4 inches, 7.9 ounces
    • Display Type: OLED/Red
  • Tournament Legal: Yes with Chrome faceplate/No with Smart Key
  • Measuring System: Yards/Meters
  • Measuring Distance: Distance and Slope compensation
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Noteworthy Features:

    • Revamped DNA technology for even more precise and faster readings
    • PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock Technology for zeroing in and locking onto the flag
    • Fog Mode to range through the toughest weather
    • Interchangeable faceplate with Smart Key to access slope technology and other features
    • Club recommendations works with TGR technology for best shot
    • Can input temperature and altitude values
    • Scan Mode available
    • 3 different reticles to choose from
    • Scratch-proof lens with low glare for clear and bright images


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    Leupold Pincaddie 2 Review

    pincaddie-2The Leupold Pincaddie 2 rangefinder is a compact, lightweight unit that’s hot off the grill in a sporty, red finish.  It’s tournament legal with 6X magnification, multi-coated optics, and it has Leupold’s exclusive PinHunter2 Laser Technology that is everything you need for your golf game.

    The Leupold Pincaddie 2 is an appropriate entry-level rangefinder for the first time user. Although it’s got a good rating, it’s still very new to the market and there are still yet reviewers to post their vote.

    The original Pincaddie was a hit with plenty of people singing its praises. With the newer version upgraded to be better, it’s only a matter of time for its worth to be made evident in the Leupold Pincaddie 2 reviews.

    Leupold Pincaddie 2 Rangefinder Q&A:

    Q. How much does the Pincaddie 2 cost?

    A. The Pincaddie 2 is the most affordable Leupold golf rangefinder there is, and is sold for about $200 online. This is refreshing since Leupold tends to weigh heavily on the more expensive end of the price scale.

    Q. How weatherproof is the newer rangefinder compared to the original Pincaddie?

    A. The original Pincaddie rangefinder was extremely limited when it came to being weatherproof, only offering rain-resistant qualities. The new rangefinder is a notch above, and comes fully waterproof.

    Q. Does the Pincaddie 2 have all the standard features of an entry-level rangefinder?

    A. True to its word, the Leupold range finder does offer all the standard features you’d expect from an entry-level rangefinder. You have the 6X magnification, compact and lightweight design, meters or yards measuring system, and it has a long lasting battery life of about 5000 readings.

    The fact that it’s fully waterproof is actually a step up from entry level, but the lack of yard range puts it back into the entry-level division once again. Entry-level isn’t a bad thing if you want a no-fuss, basic rangefinder for the course.

    Q. What’s the maximum yard range with the Leupold rangefinder?

    A. Unlike the other golf rangefinders that can range out to 800 yards, the Pincaddie 2 only goes so far as 650 yards to reflective targets and 300 yards to the flag.

    On a typical course, that’s not bad. Magnification and the quality of the optics can make up for the lack of ranging distance.

    Q. Is the display easily readable?

    A. The Pincaddie 2 has the same LCD/black display as its predecessor, the Pincaddie. Although the LCD screens are much more common in entry-level and even mid-level rangefinders, it can be more difficult to see the black display against different backgrounds and varying weather conditions and light.

    Leupold Pincaddie 2 Specs:

    • Yard Range: 6-650 reflective/6-300 to flag
    • Magnification: 6X20 mm objective diameter
    • Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches, 6.3 ounces
    • Display Type: LCD/Black
  • Tournament Legal: Yes
  • Measuring System: Yards/Meters
  • Measuring Distance: Distance only
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Noteworthy Features:

    • PinHunter Technology for zeroing in to the flag
    • Small, compact, and ergonomic design
    • Long lasting battery life of 5000 Actuations
    • Most affordable unit from the Leupold line


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    Which is the Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder for You?

    When trying to find the right Leupold rangefinder, you want to apply the same scrutiny as you would a diamond ring.

    You’re in the right caliber of quality, now it’s just a matter of personal preference to features. If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles that you can have, and money is not an issue, the GX-4i2 is a cut above the rest.

    Even in comparison to other brand premium rangefinders, this one still comes up first. If you still want exceptional, but you want a better price, then the GX-3i2 will fit any palm.

    For the best price and value, I’d recommend the GX-1i2 as a great place to start, even over the Pincaddie 2.

    If you want the latest offering from Leupold with all the goods on it, you have to check out the GX-5i3 which is new to 2017 and has recently been added to our Leupold rangefinder reviews.

    Leupold Sticks around for Better or For Worse

    As you find the right Leupold rangefinder for you, don’t be surprised to find you have the approval of close friends and family. Putting a little more cost upfront can save you in the long run.

    The GXi2 rangefinders promise to stick around for better or for worse. With a full life-time guarantee like that, how can you say no to that proposal?