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Leupold GX Series Golf Rangefinder Review (and PinCaddie)

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023 @ 7:10 am

If this is your one chance buy a laser rangefinder that you hope will be your last purchase for years to come, then you’re in the right review.

You want the best optics and the most brilliant reflectivity when you’re not only willing to write a blank check for the perfect rangefinder.

Look no further, because the Leupold of your dreams is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Leupold is one of those brands where you expect consistently high quality and astute attention to detail. They’ve been trusted for over 100 years to deliver sport optics that just get better and better as time goes on.

You know they’re a brand worth trusting and investing in when they offer state-of-the-art technology that’s been years in the making.


Leupold Golf Rangefinder Reviews

The GX line of Leupold rangefinders were 2012’s pride and joy. Since then, Leupold quickly went back to work to make that line even better. Their new line of GXi2 and GXi3 rangefinders are all equipped with the new, more accurate, and faster than ever Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine technology that’s supposed to be unmatched.

All of their golf laser rangefinders are fully waterproof, tournament legal, and are made to endure. If you’re committed to the green, put a ring on it – excuse me, I meant a Leupold. There’s no golf game that’s complete if you don’t have a GX.

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Which is the Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder for You?

When trying to find the right Leupold rangefinder, you want to apply the same scrutiny as you would a diamond ring.

You’re in the right caliber of quality, now it’s just a matter of personal preference to features. If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles that you can have, and money is not an issue, the GX-5i3 is a cut above the rest.

Even in comparison to other brand premium rangefinders, this one still comes up first. If you still want exceptional, but you want a better price, then the GX-4i2 will fit any palm.

For the best price and value, I’d recommend the GX-1i2 as a great place to start, even over the Pincaddie 2.


Leupold Sticks around for Better or For Worse

As you find the right Leupold rangefinder for you, don’t be surprised to find you have the approval of close friends and family. Putting a little more cost upfront can save you in the long run.

The GX rangefinders promise to stick around for better or for worse. With a full life-time guarantee like that, how can you say no to that proposal?

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