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Laser Link Golf Rangefinder Reviews: Includes Quickshot, Redhot 2 & XL1000

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023 @ 7:10 am

Quit hitting the search engines if you’ve been trying to find just the right golf rangefinder for your leisurely game or for the tournaments, because you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to narrow down the search and find the one that’s fit for both the pro and the amateur player.

Now you can give your typing fingers a break, because I have all you need to know about the pistol shaped, super fast, and light-weight laser rangefinders from Laser Link Golf.

In this Laser Link rangefinder review we are going to check out 3 of their most popular devices.


A Brand You Can Trust

If you’re wondering whether you can really get a rangefinder that’s fit for golf, then wonder no more. Laser Link Golf specifically specializes in sport optics for golf players. Nothing more. Nothing less.

With golf players in mind, this is a brand that you can trust right off the tee, and you’ll be sure to find the right one for you whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a long-time player.


Laser Link Rangefinder Reviews

The Laser Link rangefinders are all designed to be used in tournament play, so there’s never any worry about having to leave your unit behind on the big day. They’re also unique in the way that they’re pistol shaped.

You read that right, pistol shaped.

This factor alone could be the persuasive nudge to pull out the credit card and add to the cart right now. Can it get any better than that? Let’s find out!

gtcatpages-table__imageXL1000Laser Links First 'Hold To Your Eye' Rangefinder With 1000 Yard RangeREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageRH2Pistol-Shaped With Red-Dot Aiming System & 1000 Yard RangeREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageQuickshot 2.0Target-Specific Rangefinder With 400 Yard RangeREAD REVIEW


Which is the Best Laser Link Golf Rangefinder for You?

Laser Link definitely has a rangefinder that can fit everyone’s needs. If you’re attracted to the pistol-shaped design that belongs to the Laser Link family and you want every feature possible and maximum yardage, then the Red Hot 2 is definitely the way to go.

I even recommend it over the basic Quickshot because you have more yardage and the ability to acquire target readings from most other surfaces, reflective or not. The Quickshot 2.o on the other hand is only suitable for courses with reflective targets as it is a target-specific rangefinder.

If the pistol shape design is too much out of your comfort zone, the XL 1000 is just as good as other competing rangefinders of the same build and capabilities.


Laser Link: Made for Golfers by Golfers

The Laser Link golf rangefinders all have a few features in common. They’re all tournament legal, relatively budget-friendly, and they’re suitable for players of all different skill levels.

Laser Link certainly puts adds a personal touch into their golf rangefinders since they’re golfers themselves. Made for golfers by golfers. Could it be any more personal than that?

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