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GolfBuddy WT6 GPS Golf Watch Review – Style & Affordability

GolfBuddy WT6Preloaded Courses: 38,000+
Display Area Size: 1.8″ x 0.6″/46 x 14.24 mm
Weight: 2.2 oz/62 g
Battery Life Time: 9 hours
Recharge Time: 1-3 hours
Waterproof: Yes
Tournament Legal: Yes

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


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Golf Buddy WT6 Golf Watch Review

The WT6 golf watch is perfectly designed to keep things simple and to keep you enjoying the sport.  There’s no need to be distracted from the serenity and satisfaction of crushing a drive, so you won’t find Bluetooth connectivity or any other distracting feature that doesn’t have distance at the core of its function.

Rear View of Band on GolfBuddy WT6Leave “smart” features in the car as you hit the green with the WT6.  You can also leave your phone behind as you won’t be lost for time – the WT6 is a watch, remember?  Toggling back and forth between Golf Mode and the time is done easily without losing any of your hole or distance information.

And, as a watch, you won’t have to worry about losing it somewhere between holes.  It won’t fall off with a bump from the golf cart, and you can’t knock it off your belt or the bill of your cap.  A watch band will keep your GPS close and secure.

The distances you need most of the time are the front, center, and back of the green, and that’s exactly what the watch GPS will provide.  An additional feature includes distances to hazards that’ll help you know what club and technique to use.  You can access hazard distances with just one press of a button.

The watch is super lightweight, has a Shot Distance calculator, and an Odometer.  A Dual Green Mode displays distances for when there are two greens.  The WT6 isn’t lacking anything that’s essential to the golfer, if you know what’s really important – the distance.

Other buyers who landed a functioning WT6 report accurate distances, battery life lasting up to 46 holes, and a simple user-interface.  However, there seems to be many defective WT6 golf watches with various issues causing malfunction.  Be sure to purchase your watch with a solid warranty.

  • Watch design
  • Hazard distances
  • Toggle between modes
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Simple to use

  • Defective models


Golf Buddy WT6 Q&A

What is the Golf Buddy Warranty?

There is a 1-month Warranty on the WT6 provided by Golf Buddy that starts from the date of purchase.


How to Fix Inaccurate Time?

There were complaints that the time on the GPS watch is wrong.  Satellite information will automatically apply the time to your watch, but you can set the time zone and other information in the Settings menu.  However, the time will slow down and become inaccurate, even if Golf Mode is working, when the battery is running low.  A full charge will restore correct time.


How to Trouble Shoot the Golf Buddy WT6?

GolfBuddy WT6 Showing DistancesInaccurate yardage readings, trouble locating course and hole information, or any other unusual behavior must be corrected with a reset.

The reset will restore the watch’s factory settings as a default, and it should resolve any software glitches that are happening.

To perform a reset on the Golf Buddy GPS watch, you must depress the Golf, Menu, Up, and Down buttons simultaneously until the display turns off.

The watch will turn itself back on and enter Watch Mode.


How to Toggle between Golf and Watch mode?

While in Golf Mode, press the Menu/Back button (bottom left button) and it will display Quick Watch mode for 10 seconds before reverting to Golf Mode.


How to get Course Updates?

You must register your WT6 watch with Golf Buddy online and download GB Manager.  Online access will allow you to get course updates and the latest firmware free of charge.


What is the Difference between the WT6 and the WT5 Golf Buddy?

The WT5 golf watch was feature-packed when comparing it to the WT6.  However, the WT5 has been discontinued as Golf Buddy went to slim-line their watch series.  So, where the WT6 dropped the Pin Placement tech, stat tracking, digital score card, and Green View, it picked up on simplicity.  The distance is what you need, and the distance is what the WT6 focuses on.


Does the Odometer work while in Golf Mode?

There isn’t a way that we’ve found that enables the Odometer to work while in Golf Mode.  Accessing the Tracker is easy, and it’s rather simple to use.  However, pressing the Menu button to return to Watch Mode or Golf Mode simultaneously deactivates the Tracker.


How do you Charge the Golf Buddy GPS?

The watch can be recharged with a micro USB cable plugged into the USB port of the watch.  You should not use a quick-charging AC adapter with this device as it can ruin the watch and will void the warranty.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Simple, easy to use, and entry-level golf GPS watch
  • Provides up to 2 rounds of play
  • Water-resistant for play during less than ideal weather
  • Provides hazard distances without the additional cost
  • 1-month Golf Buddy Warranty


Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy WT6

Different Screens on WT6 Golf WatchTo ping up the strokes, the Golf Buddy WT6 will attract those who want a no-fuss device.  It’s a great introduction for beginner golfers to using GPS units.  It’s a no-frills watch, but that may be exactly what you want and need.

If you want the upgrade to the WT6, the WTX golf watch is it.  With smart features, color display, and touch screen, this watch is far from mediocre.  But, you may want to increase your budget a tad to afford the smart golf GPS watch.

A good alternative GPS watch that came in the new year hot and strong is the Bushnell Ion 2.  It’s quite capable with its many golf features and Bluetooth connectivity.  Sure, it’ll cost a little more, but it might end up being worth the splurge.

If you’re after an affordable first-time GPS watch, the WT6 is your answer.  When functioning at its full potential, you’ll be a force that can’t be stopped nor distracted on the green.

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