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GolfBuddy VTX Talking Handheld Touchscreen GPS (BIG)

GolfBuddy VTXPreloaded Courses: 38,000+
Display Area Size: 2.7″
Weight: 5 oz/140 g
Battery Life Time: 15 hours
Recharge Time: 1-3 hours
Waterproof: Yes
Tournament Legal: Yes

Our Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars


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Golf Buddy VTX Talking Golf GPS Review

The VTX is one of the largest talking golf GPS handhelds to date and is an update to the now discontinued GolfBuddy PT4.  GolfBuddy also claims it’s the most advanced talking GPS handheld to date (they made a similar claim about the PT4 – minus the talking function).  With both a female and male voice option in 8 languages, no golfer will be left out.

Rear View of GolfBuddy VTXThe VTX is big.  Let us rephrase that, the display screen is huge!

It’s a full 2.7 inches of glorious color and touch screen capabilities.  Even the hole layout is in color where it also displays your current position on the green.  How about that for an advanced feature?

Not only do you get standard green distances, but you’ll also have hazard distances and yardage readings from where-ever you’re standing.  You can count on those yardages to be accurate since the VTX employs the use of two sets of satellites to get it done: GPS and GLONASS.

As a smart handheld, it features Bluetooth connectivity and allows for wireless course updates with the Golf Buddy smartphone app.  You also have 15 hours of play time to enjoy, and that’s significantly long for a smart, color touchscreen handheld.

Buyers say the VTX is worth the cost for the color display, accurate yardages, and set of features.  However, other users say the battery doesn’t hold the 15 hour charge it claims it’s capable of.

  • Color touchscreen
  • 2.7″ large display
  • 2 satellite system connections
  • Voice feature
  • Bluetooth
  • Price


Golf Buddy VTX Q&A

What is GLONASS?

GLONASS is another system of satellites that can be used in preference of or to complement GPS satellites.  They’re especially good for far South and North extremes where GPS might struggle to acquire a location.  The GLONASS satellite constellation is different to the GPS constellation, making it a possible aid for golfers playing around the globe.


What are the Scoring Options of the VTX?

The only scoring option offered on the VTX is the Stroke Play method.  You can keep score for yourself and three other players, so a total of 4.  However, you can only save your own scores.


How to Play Golf on the Golf Buddy GPS Handheld?

The Golf Buddy VTX will display a Play Golf screen from the Main Menu.  Touch anywhere on the green part of the screen and it will automatically find your course and locate first hole data.

Swiping to the right will provide access to Hole Layout and Hazard screens.  Swiping to the left will take you back to the Play Mode screen.  If you tap on this screen, it will also provide an alternative Play Mode screen.


Does the VTX GPS come with Instructions?

The golf handheld does come with instructions.  They can also be accessed online through the manufacturer website.  It’s important to review the instructions as it will help you to navigate through the many features of the VTX.  It will also allow for maximum use of the handheld’s potential.


How much does the Golf Buddy Golf GPS cost?

The VTX is one of the more expensive golf handhelds for the brand.  Online prices are constantly changing, and as is expected for most purchases, the best price for one is always when it’s on sale.  The MSRP price may put the VTX out of your budget, but you can find it much less than that quite often.


Can you wear the VTX Golf GPS?

The VTX comes with plastic holster included in the purchase.  The handheld itself has a small slot that allows for clipping the device to the holster.


What is the Golf Buddy Warranty?

The VTX has a 1-year limited warranty provided through Golf Buddy that starts from the date of purchase.


Noteworthy Features:

  • A color touchscreen allows for maximum visibility and user experience
  • Large 2.7-inch screen makes it easy to use and navigate
  • Feature-loaded with advanced GPS range finder technology
  • Slim and sleek ergonomic design; ultra-lightweight
  • GPS and GLONASS satellite connection


Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy VTX

Distance Info on GolfBuddy VTXTo ping up the strokes, the VTX Golf GPS handheld from Golf Buddy is an expensive gadget with expensive features.  You’ll have loads of golf capabilities on this device, but it may be too feature-loaded for your tastes.

If you like the talking feature, but you don’t want to pay up the wall for it, the Golf Buddy Voice X is much more wallet friendly.  Just like on the VTX, you can choose between male and female voice options, and you have new features for the Voice models introduced with the X.

Competing against the VTX is Garmin’s version, the Approach G30.  It’s loaded with features as well, but it lacks the Voice option that’s iconic to the Golf Buddy brand.  Garmin also does not have hidden subscriptions, annual, or update fees just like Golf Buddy.  It might be worth checking out!

The VTX combines Golf Buddy’s favorite features into one handheld golf device.  You have the voice capability, a huge color touchscreen, and supplement GLONASS satellites to give you an even stronger connection.  The VTX is just as advanced as it’s made out to be after all.

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