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GolfBuddy Voice 2 Review: (New & Improved Model)

2 x GolfBuddy Voice 2s

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020 @ 11:14 pm

Dimensions: 1.76 x 1.78 x 0.49″, 1.02 oz
Display Type: LCD/Black
Tournament Legal: Yes
Measuring System: Yards/Meters
Measuring Distance: Distance Only
Waterproof: No
Battery Life Per Charge: 14 hours
Preloaded Courses: 40,000

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS Review

The Voice 2 golf GPS device is a new and improved version of the very popular Golf Buddy Voice. It retains the fundamental features of its predecessor but with extra capabilities that lands it an excellent rating based on its own merits. So, how does a talking device help you break 80?

At first glance, it mightn’t seem all that different to the original Voice, however, beneath the appearance, it’s been beefed up without the added weight. The Voice 2 is available in blue, pink, and black colors. This adds a little bit of variety to appease any golfer’s vanity streak.

The battery life is also longer. Going from 9 hours on the Voice to 14 hours on the Voice 2. This is enough to push another complete round in your day. It’s also been beefed up with 2,000 more courses making it a total of 40,000 available courses worldwide.

If that isn’t enough, the 1″ display now also shows you the front, center, and back of the green all at once. Like the old one, the new Voice also retains the Dynamic Green View technology with distance readings and a shot distance calculator.

With use of the free GolfBuddy Manager Program, you can also update the Voice 2 to cater to 11 language options versus the pre-loaded eight. If you have a preference, you can also switch out the Voice 2 readouts to either a male or female voice. If it could talk back to you with a sexy undertone, it would be a pleasurable bonus, but it would definitely be a distraction on the course!

To get your talking caddie whispering sweet nothings but distances over your shoulder, you need the GolfBuddy Voice 2!

  • Price
  • Audio readouts
  • Language options
  • Gender audio selection
  • Front/center/back distances
  • Limited life
  • Poor customer service


GolfBuddy Voice 2 Q&A

What does a Limited Life Mean?

Some buyers reported that the Voice 2 only worked for short period of time before the device didn’t work at all. However, defective devices can be replaced for a new one upon following up with the vendor or customer service.


What is Golf Buddy’s Customer Service like?

According to reports, customer service can be non-existent. Our experience of working through the website was also unfruitful. However, going through another vendor with a warranty can void the issues of working through Golf Buddy.


How to Perform an Emergency Reboot on the Voice 2?

Ensure the Voice is off and connect the USB cable to a power source. Before connecting to the Voice 2, hold down the Main and P buttons at the same time and then connect the cable to the device. The screen will start to flash and you can now release the buttons. Once the SYNC screen appears, you can disconnect the USB cord and turn on the Voice. The emergency reboot is now complete.


How Easy is the Voice 2 to use?

There are only five buttons on the device. The main button is on the front of the display. The remaining four buttons on the sides of the device control the volume, activates the Voice, measures your shots, and changes the display. It’s very intuitive to use.


Can the Voice Activation be Turned Off?

A wonderful feature of the Voice is that it can be turned off. You might prefer to use the Voice when playing solo, but you’ll also have the option of looking at your device and keeping it silent when playing with others. This also provides options of how and where to wear the Voice 2.


What are the Wearable Options of the Golf Buddy Voice 2 Device?

There are multiple accessories that allows you wear the voice in various styles. You can purchase a watch strap, belt clip, retractable clip, or cart mount if you prefer not to use the built-in clip. For a full range of wearable and non wearable devices head over here.


How Accurate is the Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder?

In our testing, the Voice 2 performed extremely well. It never misidentified a hole and was accurate to within one yard.


Are there any Fees or Annual Dues with the Golf Buddy Purchase?

There are no fees, annual dues, or subscriptions needed to keep the Voice 2 up to date for all your golfing needs.


GolfBuddy Voice 2Noteworthy Features:

  • Multiple color options
  • 14 hour battery life
  • Dynamic Green View
  • Free Golf Buddy Manager Program
  • 40,000 courses worldwide

 Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy Voice 2

To ping up the strokes, we say the Golf Buddy Voice 2 is definitely worth the consideration and the purchase. It’s extremely intuitive, and it’s highly likely that you won’t need to deal with defective devices.

However, the new to 2017 Golf Buddy WT6 and WTX golf watches are excellent alternatives if you can’t see yourself using the Voice 2. They’re under 200 bucks and the WT6 is simple, straightforward, and accurate. The WTX on the other hand has a color display, has a fast touch user interface, and it’s compatible with the GolfBuddy Smartphone App.

There’s also the Bushnell Phantom GPS device that doesn’t have audio, but it’s cheaper, waterproof, and sports a back light – awesome!

In the end, there’s nothing quite like the Voice 2. It gives you the distance, it’s highly intuitive, and it talks! That’s pretty hard to beat.

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