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Garmin Approach G30 – Compact Handheld Golf GPS

Garmin G30Preloaded Courses: 41,000+
Display Area Size: 2.3″ diag/58.4 mm
Weight: 2.5 oz/70.9 g
Battery Life Time: 15 hours
Recharge Time: 2-4 hours
Waterproof: Yes
Tournament Legal: Yes

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS Review

The Approach G30 is the ideal blend between a golf GPS watch and a phone app.  It’s an upgraded version of the Approach G10, but it remains simple to use with its 2.3-inch color touch screen.

The G30 is small, so it’s small enough to be worn with the included belt clip or to be slipped in a pocket.  But, don’t let its itty-bitty size fool you.  The 2.3″ screen allows for visible distances when you need them.  If you need extra large numbers, the G30 has a Big Numbers Mode to make yardages stand out on the display.

Green Info on Approach G30One manufacturer claim that buyers were able to report as correct is the long-lasting 15-hour battery life.  Many golfers were able to get through three rounds and still have some juice left over.  However, a full recharge the night before you hit the green is always recommended.

Keep track of your score for yourself and up to three other players.  Digital scoring options include Stableford, Skins and Match Play, and Stroke Play.  Upload, save, and review your scores for post-analysis, and combine this feature with the Save Locations or Stat Tracking features, and you’ll be set to master the course next time round.

But, one of the favorite features of real-time users is Touch Targeting.  Just by touching any point on the display, you’ll get the distance.  And, that’s what you really need right?  The distance.

Buyers really like the capabilities of the G30.  They say it’s much faster than the G10, it’s easy to use with its color touch screen, and it lasts the distance of a couple rounds plus some.  However, remember it’s only 2.3″ diagonally in screen size, and this just may be too small for some users or those with big fingers.

  • Color touch screen
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Golf feature-packed
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • TruSwing compatible
  • Small screen


Garmin Approach G30 Q&A

What are the Physical Dimensions of the Approach G30?

The actual size of the G30 is 2.1″ x 3.0″ x 0.8″ (53 x 75 x 21 mm).  The display size is measured from one corner to the opposing diagonal corner and is 2.3″ (58.4 mm) long.


Can the Garmin GPS notify me when I get a call or text?

The G30 is Bluetooth compatible, so as long as you pair it with your smartphone, it will keep you connected while you’re on the course.


What is the Difference between the G30 and the Approach G10?

Distances on Garmin G30 GPSThe G30 vs G10 debate is pretty simple.  The G10 is a simple, wearable device more price-friendly than the G30.  It provides the essential golf features you need without cluttering up the game with unnecessary fiddling around.

The G30 has a few more golf features such as Big Numbers Mode, scorecards for up to 4 players, and Touch Targeting mode.

It’s also TruSwing compatible, has Bluetooth connectivity, and obviously a color touchscreen, all of which the G10 lacks.


What is the Difference between the G30 and the G8?

The G8 and the discontinued G7 are the crème de la crème golf GPS units from the brand.  The G7 had it all, and it was only rated a notch below the G8 because it lacked WiFi connectivity.  But, it’s been retired, and the G8 remains while the G10 and G30 join the game.

The G8 vs G30 debate is like comparing apples to oranges.  The G30 has loads of features with the right amount of user friendliness at a decent price point.  But, the G8 pushes past most people’s budgets and offers more than a golfer will ever use.

The Approach G8 color touchscreen, angle compensation, Club Advice, and both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  If you have the budget to afford it all, the G8 fits the bill.


What is Save Locations?

This is a feature that allows you to mark course points that you can reference in future rounds or for post analysis.


Does the Garmin Approach have Green View?

The Approach G30 does have a Green View with manual pin placement.  However, the Green View is as a color drawing map.  It does not display as a GPS satellite-view of the green.


Are there any Annual or Update fees?

Garmin does not charge subscription, annual, or update fees, ever.  Purchase a Garmin product, download Garmin Connect App, and you’re set for life.  Garmin products may be pricier than other GPS products out there, but you won’t have to pay anything extra to continue using it.


Noteworthy Features:

  • Over 41,000 pre-loaded courses around the world
  • Free course and software updates
  • Feature-packed and ready to go for hardcore golfers
  • Stay in the game with a tournament legal GPS device
  • Compatible with TruSwing for better technique


Our Verdict on the Garmin Approach G30

Score Card on Garmin Approach G30To ping up the strokes, the Garmin Approach G30 is a cross between a watch and phone app.  You have larger numbers and touch screen capability within a compact GPS unit.  However, if you have fat finger syndrome, you may find it difficult to use the tiny screen.

The Approach G8 offers 3 large inches of a color touch screen.  Golfers with larger hands and fingers will appreciate the bigger display and all the fancy added features of the G8.  However, it’s going to take more than a stretch of the budget to afford it.

A great alternative to the G30 takes you into the field of another brand.  The Golf Buddy VTX GPS is a handheld device with a 2.7″ color touch screen.  Guess what else?  It talks!  It’s not going to push you past budget at all, as they’re very competitive in price.

The Approach G30 has the right idea and the right set of features for its petite size.  With compactness and intuitive features on its side, you’ll have accurate distances and dependability on yours.

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