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The golfbuddy golf GPS watch is a significant step forward from the Golfbuddy WTX GPS watch. The GolfBuddy Aim W10 GPS Watch features a new full color 1.3″ touchscreen that is by far the best golf GPS on the market. It’s quite comfy to wear, and it comes with two different bands to choose from. It is preloaded with 40,000 courses and does not require any additional subscription costs. Even the packaging has been improved so this product now looks, feels, and performs like a high-end product.

The Golf Buddy Watch is easy to set-up and the basic features start on their own.  A couple of clicks and you are ready to play golf. It does not take long to find a GPS signal as long as you are outside. If there are multiple courses nearby, it gives you the options to pick the appropriate course. From there it basically does everything else automatically.

The colour screen is bright and easy to read in any light.  There are options in the settings menu to adjust the look to your preference. If you swipe on the screen, you can get additional information like scorecard, change holes, hole view, green view, and hazard yardages.  A typical golfer’s favorite is probably the hole overview with distance arches.  These are great for judging what and where certain clubs will hit.  It gives you some range and idea if you should hit with the driver, 3-wood or iron off the tee


The Golfbuddy Aim W10 smart watch specifications:

  • Full-color 1.3″ TFT-LCD touch screen display
  • Dual arc distance readings and an in-depth hole view
  • Can show distances to the green’s front, center, and back
  • Targets distances and potential dangers
  • Undulations in the green (Where Available)
  • Can show distances that have been slope-adjusted (Where Available)
  • Scorecard in digital format
  • Course and hole recognition is done automatically.
  • With the GOLFBUDDY App, you can get automatic course updates through Bluetooth.
  • In Golf Mode, the battery can last up to 10 hours.
  • There are 40,000 courses preloaded with free updates all across the world.
  • 2 wrist straps (red/white/blue and black) are included.


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Pros/Cons of the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch

Pros of the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch

  • With its battery life, the GolfBuddy Aim W10 GPS Watch has made yet another major step ahead. Many GPS rangefinders have such a short battery life that they can only last a day of golf before needing to be recharged. The target W10 GPS watch has a very long battery life. Most golfers can easily complete 36 holes with it, and the target W10 GPS watch will strive to conserve battery life so you may use it again without having to charge it.
  • The GolfBuddy Aim W10 GPS Watch can easily compete with your laser rangefinder for on-course distance measurements. It is more precise, innovative, and measurably better.
  • When taking blind shots, the hole layout screen is flawless and extremely accurate. You’ll notice that you’re constantly aiming within a few yards of your ideal line.

Cons of the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch

  • It does have a pedometer feature to measure your steps, but when compared to a Fitbit, it appears a little over the top by a few thousand steps.
  • Because of the small screen, the touchscreen is not as intuitive as on an iPhone. When you try to submit your score, the watch may occasionally register incorrect results.
  • The GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch costs between $299 and $349, making it a pricier golf accessory purchase.


Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch Questions

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to wear while golfing, make sure to read and study the many questions and answers related to the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch before making a decision.

Is the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch waterproof?

The Golfbuddy Aim W10 watch has an IP67 waterproof classification.

The watch’s protection against solid items such as dust and sand is indicated by the first number following IP. This number can range from 0 to 6, with 0 indicating no dust and sand protection and 6 indicating complete dust and sand protection. The watch’s protection against liquids is indicated by the second number after the IP. It has a range of 0 to 8.

The IP67 means it is completely dust-proof, appropriate for use in severe rain, and can be worn in all weather. The watch can be submerged for a short length of time (for example, if it falls off your wrist and falls into water) and it has been proven to work for at least 30 minutes in water depths ranging from 15 cm to 1 m.

The watch, however, cannot be submerged for extended periods of time or under high pressure. Although, if this happens then you may be playing golf wrong!

Is the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch compatible with the Golfbuddy smart app?

When your Golfbuddy Aim W10 is synchronized through Bluetooth, you may cast yardages and other golf GPS functions to a smart device using the GOLFBUDDY Smart app. GOLFBUDDY Smart will be available with a single button press after it has been set up.

How do I view surrounding hazards and features while using the Golfing Aim W10?

The built-in zoom in/out function on the GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch allows you to rapidly gain an overview of your surroundings and the course or range you’re playing on. In addition, the smartwatch has an in-depth hole view, which is ideal for dual arc distance readings.

How do I update the software for the Aim W10?

The ability of the GolfBuddy Aim W10 golf GPS watch to update automatically and for free using a Bluetooth and wireless internet connection is a key benefit. With an internet connection, automatically download courses and course updates or revisions to make sure you never miss out on new Aim W10 features.


Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch Verdict

You will be blown away by how simple it is to use the GolfBuddy Aim W10, since you will never have to wait for any screens to change or distances to update. The hole view tool is a favorite of many golfers because it provides almost as much information as most course guides while also providing a pinpoint for where you are on the hole. 

The Golfbuddy Aim W10 Watch is comparatively better than the golfbuddy WTX GPS watch or the Garmin S10 and is worth purchasing because it is comfortable and simple to use. The distances appear to be true, and the battery life is better than you would expect from a watch of this type. 

If you do not already have GPS devices, the GolfBuddy Aim W10 should be on your list of golf gadgets for the 2021 season.

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