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Skycaddie Watch Overview

If you are looking to up your golf game, investing in a GPS watch might be the answer you have been looking for. Having a fully comprehensive layout of your course on your wrist is the best way to understand your distances, obstacles, and all the ins and outs of each hole you are going to play.

The Skycaddie is one of the best pieces of equipment to allow you these in-depth analytics of your course. A dynamic product from Skygolf, the Skycaddie is a golf watch created by people who have been truly dedicated to ensuring golfers reach their maximum potential since 1998, so you know it’s going to be good.

The numerous features that the Skycaddie offers its wearers set it apart from any other type of sports watch. The high-quality interface allows those wearing the Skygolf Skycaddie to see a sharp pristine image of the course they are playing. Impressively, it is the largest color screen in the industry without having an overbearing aesthetic.

The sleek black design means that the watch will not look out of place with whatever you choose to play the game in. Whether you are a casual golfer or turn up to the golf course in your capris and shirt, the LX5 GPS Watch will perfectly blend in and provide you with a put-together look, with the added benefit of a logistical golfing savior.

Although the golf watch market is saturated by a lot of companies competing for your attention, as evidenced by the numerous products available on Amazon alone, Skygolf’s Skycaddie is ultimately one of the most superior golf watches available on the market. The plethora of features that it offers its wearers, coupled with its polished aesthetics and the superior technology makes the Skycaddie LX5 GPS Watch an impressive and worthwhile buy.

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Pros of the Skycaddie GPS Watch

Although we believe the Skycaddie by Skygolf is one of the best GPS golf watches on the market, here is a list of the pros and cons of the watch to allow you to make a more informed decision as to whether or not this watch is for you.


Perfect for all weathers

The Skycaddies display provides the wearer with an unrivaled viewing experience. Thanks to this impressive technology, the sun is no match to the screen as everything will remain perfectly visible, even in direct sunlight. A must for those sunny days on the course. However, if you’ve headed to the course on a rainy day, you can take comfort in knowing that the watch is completely waterproof.


Large screen size

The skycaddie boasts the largest screen size of any GPS watch on the market. This means everything can be seen extremely clearly and provides a superior viewing experience.


Touch screen

The large touch screen is a key benefit to this watch as it allows you to zoom in and pan the fairway to allow you to track and focus on any part of the course and hole that you might need to.


Score as you play

The fact that the Skycaddie allows you to score as you play is a dynamic feature that just proves that skygolf has thought of it all. Moreover, once you have finished your game, you can upload your statistics and scores to the Skygolf 360 cloud.


Over 35,000 coursesPros of the Skycaddie GPS Watch

The sheer range of course that is preloaded into the watch is an impressive yet integral feature of this watch. The watch itself comes with a prepaid membership to over 35,000-course maps.


Multiple watch faces

The fact that this watch is interchangeable is one of its best features. Despite primarily being a GPS watch, the Skycaddie can also function as an everyday watch that tells the time, meaning it is an investment that serves multiple purposes.


Cons of the Skycaddie LX5


The cost of the Skycaddie is one of its biggest drawbacks. Although it is reasonably priced for what it is, when comparing it to other watches available on sites such as Amazon, it becomes clear that this is one of the most expensive options out there. Given that you can get a golf watch from around the $100 mark, the Skycaddie sitting just shy of $350 makes it a significantly pricey investment.


Lacking some features

The features that the Skycaddie has are executed to perfection by Skygolf, and they are extremely varied. However, in the grand scheme of things, there are a few features that Skygolf hasn’t included that its competitors do include. It does not function the same like other brands such as Golfbuddy. The Skycaddie watch cannot give you phone notifications for example.


Best Features

Intelligreen Technology

The technology used by Skygolf is some of the best available, most notably of which is their intelligreen technology. This technology allows the exact shape of the green to automatically rotate to match the angle of your approach. This allows golfers the most accurate picture of their positioning on the course and what they need to do to get their shot on target.


Prior Automation

How actively involved you want to be with your Skycaddie is completely up to you as you can pre-set the information that you want to see before you even set foot on the green. Features such as auto-course, auto-zoom, and auto-distance, mean that the watch will automatically update you on all the relevant information you need to make your shot as soon as possible.


Free Set-Up Service

Skygolf was extremely smart to include a free setup service with their skycaddie watch, as it provides the customer with all the possible support they could need. Let’s face it, you’re a golfer, not a technician, so chances are setting up your watch won’t be the easiest task for you. Therefore, skygolf offers support and setup service to get your restriction and activation going to get you on the course as soon as possible.

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Our Verdict on the Skycaddie LX5 GPS Watch

When assessing the Skycaddie against other similar watches on sites such as Amazon, it becomes clear that the Skycaddie is one of the best mobile GPS sport systems on the market. Not only does it function perfectly as a golf watch with its GPS and analytical features, but it also has a sophisticated design that can transform into an everyday watch. In our opinion, these multiple uses justify the high price point.

This is the perfect watch for those golfers who are not completely tech-savvy but are seeking aid to improve their game. Although the Skycaddie doesn’t have some of the smart mobile phone features that other brands have, this works to its advantage. Those who don’t want their sports watch to get mixed up with the functions on their mobile phone will love this option as it allows you to be completely dedicated to your game.

Moreover, the Skycaddie watch battery life is one of its best features as it has an up to 10-hour battery life, easily affording you two rounds in a row. We think this is a great option for any kind of golfer, but don’t take our word for it, of all the verified purchase reviews on Amazon, the Skycaddie has a strong 75% 5-star rating.

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