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Putting Training Aids: How to Practice Putting at Home

Is it hard for you to make it to the golf course in your free time to practice? Are you looking to keep your skills sharp during the winter months? Do you just want to uplevel your golf game? Then utilizing one of the many putting training aids available online is one of your best bets! Practicing putting at home, even if it is just for 10 minutes a day and a few times a week is one of the best ways to build consistency and see a change in your overall putting game. With the combination of a solid routine and additional putting training aids when it’s time to step back on the course you will be a putting expert. Some of the benefits of consistent practice putting at home include building muscle memory, improving your putting stroke, improving your putting technique and accuracy, and creating great putting habits that will obviously transfer to the green. Additionally, effort towards practicing putting at home can also be a clever way to destress and relax! 

So, how do you upgrade your putting techniques at home? First and foremost, it’s vital to establish a routine for practicing. Consistency provides the best results and it can allow you to focus on upgrading the specific set of skills you’re looking to improve on. Second, utilizing putting training aids! Luckily, there is a wide variety of putting training aids available to purchase on sites like Amazon, and many of these options have a small footprint and won’t require a trip to the golf course every time you want to practice! Check out this list of practice putting aids to help you hone in on your skills at home. 


practice putting at home

1. Kingtop Golf Putting Alignment Mirror.  

This compact and easy-to-use putting alignment mirror ensures you are getting the most out of your practice schedule. With alignment guides and a reflective surface, you can practice putting smarter. This piece of equipment ensures proper ball alignment, club alignment, and setup position while promoting proper swing tempo allowing you to form correct putting memory, and with a reflective surface you can guarantee the proper form every time. Check this alignment mirror out on Amazon, which is available for $14. 

2. IXIA Sports True Pendulum Motion Putting Aid

This product comes highly recommended by some of the best instructors in the game, and the TPM golf practice aid was featured on Golf Channel’s School of Golf as a top putting training tool for everyone. They swear by this putting aid because of its ease of use and because it quickly teaches you the proper putting stroke. For amateurs and pros alike, this travel-friendly set of adjustable alignment rods and universal connector works on any putter shaft and you can use any grip style that you prefer. Guaranteed, your best game can be achieved in as little as five minutes. Additionally, with the purchase of this aid, you can receive 3 instructional videos to help you maintain consistency and a routine when it comes to putting. Check this product out which is available on Amazon for $99.

3. InBirdie Tempo Putting Mat 

While this isn’t one of the cheapest options available, the InBirdie Tempo Mat is a luxury for any golfer who is looking to practice putting at home. InBirdie does not just read the head speed of the putter to measure the distance. It measures the stroke of the ball and displays it, and that is why it can provide super accurate data. InBirdie also provides accurate and fine measures of the ball’s vertical launch angle. The straight trajectory is displayed as 0 degree, closed or open stroke is displayed as -18~+18 degrees in minute detail. Overall, one of the biggest benefits of the InBirdie Tempo Putting Mat is how it helps measure tempo, which many golfers agree is the hardest part to mastering their putting. Check this product out on Amazon and learn more about what it offers, or purchase it for $319. 

4. Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

If you’re looking for a more cost effective option, the Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor is the option for you! Available for $40 on Amazon, this is a simple but effective tool that is designed to help you identify the putts you strike squarely, and start rolling on the line. Learn how much putts break simply by adjusting the aim of the putting tutor higher or lower until well struck putts go in. This product is great for improved green reading, it is incredibly easy to use and it is perfect for anyone whether you’re golfing pro or a beginner looking to get a handle on your basic golfing skills. 

5. GoSports Align Putting Gates

Another affordable option that can help take your putting to the next level is the GoSports Align Putting Gates. Available for $18 on Amazon, this full set includes 3 premium brushed metal Putting Gates (2″, 3″, 4″) and canvas carrying case which makes it perfect for practicing at home or practicing on the go. This visual training aid helps golfers get their putts on the correct line every time, and is the perfect easy to use option that can be set up wherever you want to practice. This also helps golfers reinvent their putting routine, and allows them to create a unique routine that is the most beneficial to their game, wherever they are. 

How Can You Practice Putting With Training Aids At Home?

No matter what you’re looking for product-wise, there is something on the market for you. Putting training aids are one of the best options for any type of golfer, and depending on the price range you are looking in there is something valuable for you. Stay sharp on your skills during the winter months when you aren’t on the green, simply practice putting at home, or even use a routine of putting practice as a way to de-stress and relax. Regardless of what you might be utilizing one of these tools for, this list has quite a few fantastic and accessible options for you to uplevel your game on and off the green, and stay consistent on your skills training.

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