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Golf Swing Training Aids & Swing Plane Devices

Whether the offseason is closing in or you’re an avid golf enthusiast looking to enhance your game without the hassle of going to the green, golf swing training aids are one of the best ways to keep your skills sharp. Beginners and pros alike can always benefit from additional practice, and luckily you don’t need a trip to the golf course every time you want to work on your skills! The best way to invest in lower scores, better shots, and an overall enhanced golf game is through investing in training aids. Golf swing training aids and swing plane devices are widely available for purchase now and are an excellent option for any golfer. Additionally, these tools can be incredibly useful, especially in the offseason. Many of the golf swing training aids and swing plane devices available on the market are easy to transport, can be used indoors (or outdoors!), and are equipped to help golfers of any skill level that are looking to work on their golfing. Check out this list of some of the best training aids that we recommend to anyone looking to improve their game! 


Swing Plane Devices

  • GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid and Kit

This convenient and highly portable set is the world’s first complete golf swing training kit. This tool has multiple uses, including being used as a piece of exercise equipment to work on a golfer’s core, or simply as a swing training aid for on the course. It’s also ideal for warm ups! The package includes a convenient carrying case, a training bar, carabiners, rubber grips, two weighted balls, a door attachment for practice, and a latex training cord. It also comes included with a virtual link to a 30-day free training program from GolfForever, to help you not only continue practicing your skills but to develop a solid routine around your practice! Check out this product listing on Amazon. It is available for purchase for $199. 

  • Orange Peel Balance Trainer Aid

This piece of equipment might not be exactly what comes to mind when you think of golf swing training aids, but maintaining proper balance is a critical component of working on your swing. The Orange Peel Balance Trainer Aid is a simple piece of equipment that helps simulate the feel of a real course and accounts for different angles and conditions on the green. It helps ensure greater balance, which in turn ensures greater power and consistency throughout the entire swing. Additionally, it helps golfers strengthen their legs and their core, increases the flexibility of motion, and prevents swaying. Overall, this product is a great foundational piece for anyone looking to continue practicing their swing. This product can be purchased on Amazon for $225 and comes complete with a two year warranty. 

  • FlightScope Mevo

While this isn’t one of the cheapest options available, it is worth the price point for the incredible technology and data tracking. The FlightScope Mevo is a portable 3D Doppler radar launch monitor that can track data on every shot you take, whether you’re practing at home, at the range, or on the green. It tracks your swing based on 8 data parameters and also includes direct spin measurements. Additionally, it includes PGA and LPGA challenges for golfers to participate in, long drive competitions, and range competitions! This equipment is available for purchase on Amazon for $349 and more information can be viewed here. 

  • EyeLine Golf Check Point Swing Laser

The Eyeline swing laser is one of the most visually appealing options for golf swing training aids. Although it is not designed for hitting golf balls, it is ideal for practice and helps golfers by making them slow down to see the visual of the laser. It comes equipped with two lasers, and the down pointing laser shows the path of the club, while the up-pointing laser shows the plane of the club from waist high to top of swing in backswing, and in follow through. It also encourages golfers to utilize the “deep practice” principle of very slow motion, highly visible instant feedback to learn at the fastest rate possible. Overall, this is a fantastic option for helping golfers see their swing’s motion, make corrections, and hit longer, straighter, more consistent golf shots. Check out this product available for $124 on Amazon. 

  • Bramasole Golf Swing Plane Device

The Bramasole is a more affordable option, and it’s perfect for any golfer of any level and any skill set. This durable and heavy duty equipment is made of solid steel and built to last. It is adjustable, the perfect size and shape, easy to carry, and transportable. Additionally, it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces or playing fields including indoors and outdoors. It is also able to be used by both men and women because of the adjustability of this particular swing plane device. Learn more about the product and find the listing on Amazon for $33 here.

  • HRS Golf Swing Aid 

Another fantastic and affordable option is the HRS Golf Swing Aid. This simple to use weighted club is specifically recommended for golfers under 5’6, and who classify as beginners or intermediate golfers. It is designed to be used for left or right handed golfers, and includes a comfortable non-slip grip, a high quality flexible shaft, and a weighted head. This option is perfect for indoor and outdoor swing correction, putting, and chipping or even as a warm up accessory. Additionally, a larger sized stick can be purchased for golfers who are over 5’6 that are looking to practice with a similar tool. This product is available for $42 on Amazon, see the listing here.


How Can You Find The Best Golf Swing Training Aid and Swing Plane Devices To Improve Your Golf Game?

No matter what type of game you’re looking to play, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced golfer there are swing training aids available designed to help you uplevel your game. At the end of the day, much of the choice on what golf swing training aids and swing plane devices you might utilize are dependent on personal preference, but regardless there are many options available on the market for your specific needs. 

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