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Golf Practice Nets: Practice Golf In Your Backyard Or Indoors

With many golfers looking to improve their game, proper practice is key. Whether you’re a newbie, an intermediate, or even a pro, there’s nothing better than good old-fashioned practice to hone in on your skills. You might spend your off-time traveling to and from the course to toss a few golf balls around and practice your swing, but that gets time-consuming. Sure, another one of the easiest ways to practice is by swinging the club around without balls, or with foam or plastic balls, but is that really helping to simulate exactly what your swing would feel like on the green? While it’s a great option for golfers looking to keep their practice simple if you’re serious about golfing you need to invest in invaluable equipment like golf practice nets. Golfers need regular practice to keep their skills sharp, and fortunately, there is plenty of equipment available now to help out with that. Golf practice nets make keeping your swing sharp easy, practical, and simple. No matter what skill level you are, you can pop a practice net in your backyard, or even indoors and get a real-time feel for what your swing is like. Not to mention, it makes practicing convenient, and there is no laborious cleaning up balls afterward or even risking losing your balls! You can simply set up your practice net and concentrate thoroughly on your skills. Check out the top 5 golf practice nets available on Amazon, that you can order today! 


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  1. Callaway Golf Hitting Net. Improve your game with the help of this ultra-lightweight hitting net specially designed to help you sharpen your aim! This robustly designed net features a durable stainless steel pole base with a reinforced fiberglass frame, allowing you to easily set up the net, and keep it for many years to come. Additionally, the sports netting barrier is portable and comes with a carrying case, and can be taken down easily. This means no more delaying practice for colder months, simply move it from the outside in your backyard to somewhere warmer indoors! This golf practice sports net is approximately 8 feet in height x 10 feet in width x 3.5 feet in depth and is perfect for a backyard. Check this product out on Amazon for $125. 
  2. Shortyard Golf Practice Net. Shortyard has you covered! With this net, gone are the days of finding the time and energy to drive to the driving range for your daily practice. With this expertly crafted 5-ply knotless golf practice net, you can easily enjoy the golf vibe in the comfort of your own home and practice as much as you’d like! This net is built with a durable and sturdy fiberglass frame that comes with special rubber rod tips so your wooden floors won’t get damaged, even if you play inside your home. The double cloth lining of the net is made for high-impact absorption, and won’t break easily. Additionally, this golf practice net comes equipped with everything you need for your own mini green including a carrying bag, 6x balls, 1x Tee, 1x Grass mat, and 1x glove. Grab this practice net on Amazon for $108.
  3. Rukket Golf Practice Bundle. This golf net is ideal for the golfer with plenty of space to spread out. This 10 by 7 ft. golfing practice net comes equipped with a variety of useful features including a tri-turf hitting mat with 3 different lies to practice on and improve technique, a practice fairway, rough, and tight lie turf separation. It also is designed to keep all golf balls within a certain radius so you won’t need to run around your yard or indoor area cleaning up! Additionally, this net is easy to transport with a convenient carrying bag that includes the SPDR net, barrier protective wings for keeping the balls in a certain area, a no-skid hitting mat, and a 4-foot carrying bag. Luckily, the setup takes only a couple of minutes, too! Check this net out available on Amazon for $319
  4. Champkey Golf Practice Net. This practice net is built to last! Built of high-performance 5-ply knotless netting, this golf net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions. The frame is made of highly flexible fiberglass poles that allow for incredible strength but also plenty of durability. The heavy-duty rubber backing also ensures the mat never moves from your swing and driving. It also comes equipped with a “ball tray” that is designed to keep the ball in a confined area so that you’re not hunting down balls while practicing. The “Tri-turf” design on the hitting mat is also made to help improve your golf skills, no matter your level! Check this out for purchase on Amazon for $99. 
  5. Golf Cage Net from Gagalileo. The Gagalileo golf net is ideal for both beginner and intermediate golfers. Every Galileo Golf Net has a large targe built in that is almost 5 by 6 ft. for practicing your aim. The large target is made of high-quality silk cloth, which can protect your golf net from those heavier hits. Additionally, the material of the net itself is incredibly high quality. Double nets ensure that you’ll never have an issue with this golf net lasting! The cage is constructed from high-strength steel pipes and high-strength nylon connectors that make this an incredibly reliable option, and the iron poles that hold the net up are treated with electroplating and heat treatment to eliminate the chances of rust and decay on this net. This net is also incredibly easy to transport! With easy assembly poles and netting, you can take this net down or set it up depending on where you are, and if you have a large enough indoor space it can come inside as well! Check out this net for purchase on Amazon for $419. 

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, or somewhere in between, there is an option for you! This list has some of the best options for all types of golfers!

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