GolfBuddy GPS & Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Last Updated: Mar 4, 2019 @ 8:53 pm

If you’ve been googling for the most innovative rangefinders on the market, then consider what I have here for you today in these Golf Buddy reviews.

I’m talking about exploring all there is to see: the wearable units, voice capable devices, and even super-accurate and versatile laser rangefinders. When you want high-tech, there’s no other path to follow than the one that leads to the center of the green.

That path also leads you straight to GolfBuddy. When you want variety, they have it all. For a company that you could consider “fairly new” to the market, with just over a decade under its belt, it’s certainly pumped out quite a production line in the rangefinder industry.

With innovation and accuracy as the leading principles in their manufacturing process, you can expect some pretty top-notch measuring devices from this brand. Let’s take a look at what gadgets you could fortify yourself with for your next round on the course.


Golf Buddy Reviews & Comparisons

Whether you’re looking at a laser rangefinder, a voice activated golf GPS, or even a souped-up GPS watch, you’re definitely going to have the doors blown wide open for you today.

We’ll cover everything from functionality, accuracy, and speed to wearability, durability, and cost. Take a moment to grab yourself a bib, because “gadget-hungry induced drool” is inevitable. Get ready to have to make the hard decision and narrow down the choices as we compare Golf Buddy models available to you.

gtcatpages-table__imageVoice2GolfBuddy's Entry-Level Talking GPSREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageVoiceXSmart Talking GPS Connects to Phone AppREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageWT6Simple & Easy-to-Use Golf WatchREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageWTXSmart Golf GPS Watch Connects to Phone AppREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageVTXGolfBuddy's Most Advanced, Talking & Handheld GPSREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageLR5Compact Laser Rangefinder With 880 Yard RangeREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageLR7GolfBuddy's Latest Laser Rangefinder With 4 Targeting ModesREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageLR7SLaser Rangefinder With PinFinder & Slope On/Off FunctionVIEW ON AMAZON


Which is the Best GolfBuddy Golf Rangefinder for You?

After reading each review, you should now be able to pick out which type of GolfBuddy makes the cut to be your new, best friend on the green. But if not, lets compare Golf Buddy models one more time…

Are you more of a simple, no fuss, don’t want to do any work kinda guy? Then the VoiceX is the way to go. It’s versatile, it displays all the distances you need in one screen, and… it talks!

Want to spend around $100, then the Voice2 it is! But, if you’re looking for a few more features without spending a boatload and you don’t care for the voice option, then go the path of a GolfBuddy watch. Choose the WT6 if you just need basic functionality or the WTX if you want smartphone connectivity.

Perhaps if you’re more tech-savvy and you like the jazzy feel of a swipe and tap device, you’re probably going to be more inclined to spend more for the VTX handheld GPS – it talks too!

Those dedicated to getting the distance on their own, who enjoy the versatility of ranging to anything they can see, the LR7 laser rangefinder is the device to do it.


GolfBuddy Goes the Extra Mile

GolfBuddy sets the standard high when it comes to golf GPS devices.

They’ve managed to get it all into one small rangefinder, whether it’s a watch or handheld device. With statistics tracking features and the availability of front and back distances as the norm and the standard for most of GolfBuddy’s GPS rangefinders, they certainly set themselves apart from the crowd.

They even knocked it out of the ballpark with the LR5 and LR7 laser rangefinders.

There’s a lot of excellent options up for grabs, and a lot at stake too. But, one of them will be your pal through the rain or the harsh sun. One of them will always have your back and the right distances when you need them.

One of them will be the one that really does earn the title of being your GolfBuddy. If you really can’t decide, heck, buy one of each!

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