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Golf Balls for Low Swing Speed vs Fast Swing Speed

Isn’t a golf ball just a golf ball? No! In fact, that is arguably less true now than it has ever been, as all of the major ball manufacturers strive to pack as much all-around performance as possible into each model.

For the new season, all of the major players have introduced updated versions of their premium models, as well as a slew of other newcomers and next-generation models. It’s all about getting the ball’s numerous layers to function in even better harmony at the top end to provide the long-game flight characteristics you desire without sacrificing feel and control.



High Swing Speed and Low Handicap Golf Balls

Price: $70

In the Pro V1’s most recent biennial upgrade. Through adjustments to every layer, an all-new design offers greater greenside spin, a softer feel, and a higher, more consistent flight. The 2.0 ZG Process Core has been redesigned to increase distance, but the cover is the most noticeable modification.

Following lengthy trials and testing to maximize distance and flight stability, the dimple count has been increased from 352 to 388. A new, softer cast urethane elastomer cover promises more greenside spin and control in the short game. The Pro V1 has a softer feel and a penetrating trajectory than the Pro V1x.

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Price: $50

The new Pro V1x has the same reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Core as the Pro V1, as well as a softer cover for increased feel and control.

The dual core is now encased by a quicker, low-spinning casing layer in the four-layer Pro V1x, which was previously employed in the Pro V1x Left Dash option. This increases speed while reducing long-game spin.

The number of dimples on the Pro V1x has been raised from 328 to 348 for a more uniform flight that is also higher than the previous Pro V1x model.

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Price: $50

The new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern has been added to the TaylorMade TP5. For golfers of all abilities, this has been designed to improve aerodynamics and carry distance. This innovative dimple design has a unique dual-radius form that optimizes airflow around the ball, reducing drag and promoting longer distance.

The five-piece design has four increasingly rigid layers wrapped in a cast urethane cover, with the previous generation’s High-Flex Material (HFM) still assisting in the ideal conversion of compression into ball speed.

This new model features a larger, more reactive core for higher ball speed and lower launch, while remaining the softer of the two models for enhanced greenside spin and lower launch. It’s also the more practical of the two options.

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Low Swing Speed and High Handicap Golf Balls

Price: $43

Titleist’s largest-ever core and an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover are fundamental to the Tour Soft’s performance. These features work together to provide better distance and short-game spin than the preceding Tour Soft model.

It has a piercing ball flight with increased wind stability. Tour Soft is among the best non-urethane-covered balls in terms of feel, so you’re not sacrificing too much in the scoring zone when compared to premium balls.

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Price: $32

Low-compression Callaway golf balls The Supersoft ball is designed for players with moderate swing speeds who like a soft feel.

The HEX Aerodynamics cover pattern from Callaway helps you launch the ball better by reducing drag and increasing lift. In your longer clubs, the Soft Compression Core improves energy transfer for increased ball speed and a high-launch, low-spin combination.

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Price: $28

The Bridgestone e12 Soft Feel 3-piece surlyn golf ball was created with distance in mind, and it boasts sidespin reduction, great distance off the tee, and a softer feel. A major component of the 3-piece architecture is Bridgestone’s exclusive innovative Active Acceleration Mantle layer.

The Active Acceleration Mantle is made of a novel High-Performance Polymer material that increases propulsion and initial velocity at contact while also allowing Bridgestone to soften the core for improved feel and forgiveness. This line of balls was created with players with driver swing speeds of less than 105 mph in mind.

Bridgestone’s Delta Wing Dimple design is used in the e12 SOFT’s cover for reduced drag and improved aerodynamics.

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Price: $40

In contrast to the e12 Soft ball, which concentrates on a soft feel and performance for slower swingers, the e12 Speed is a three-piece distance golf ball with a considerably stronger long game concentration for faster swing speeds.

When you take this ball out of the package and juggle it with your wedge, you’ll note that it has a hard feel and a strong click sound, which may not entice you to put it in play but it’ll be competitive off the tee, thanks to the increased compression compared to the e12 soft.

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Price: $42

Srixon’s Soft Feel model is in its 12th iteration, and it’s designed to help players with intermediate swing speeds get more distance without sacrificing feel.

From a soft center to a stronger outside border, the FastLayer Core gently transforms. This core, according to Srixon, will snap back into shape faster after contact, increasing ball speed while lowering long-game sidespin for improved accuracy.

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Price: $21

The Taylormade Distance Plus golf ball was created with the goal of providing additional distance on all shots. With a high-velocity React Speed Core and an aerodynamic 344 cover, you may improve your distance performance by reducing spin and drag. This 2-piece ball boasts a soft feel, a mid-flight trajectory, and mid/high wedge spin for increased short-game control.

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Which is the best golf ball to choose?

How do you choose between carry distance, layer design, spin rates, swing speed, overall speed and distance, etc.? The following may help.


Soft or firm?

Practicing with the same golf ball you’ll use in competition will help you get a better feel for your short game. Alternative versions of the top premium golf balls spin somewhat less for golfers who desire a firmer feel or more control off the tee. To find your favorite, try both from various distances.


Cover Material

Golf balls with urethane covers have the best spin control on impact with your golf club, but they are more expensive. Experiment to discover if the difference is significant enough to justify the extra expense, or if the best mid-price golf balls are a better option.


The Verdict

TaylorMade has risen to become one of the leading rivals in the golf ball market, and it’s easy to see why their golf balls have grown in popularity. For years, they’ve been incorporating cutting-edge technology into their golf balls. The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use to play every stroke in each round so it’s critical to choose the best golf balls for your game.

Many professional players use TaylorMade’s TP5 and TaylorMade TP5x golf balls, which are one of the tour ball brands and one of the all-time top sellers. TaylorMade’s current ball lineup offers many options for various golfers. There’s a ball for everyone, whether you’re looking for more spin and control on the greens, all-out distance, or one of the finest golf balls for women.

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