Best Golf Balls for Distance: Our Top 5 Picks

Every golfer has a different preference when it comes to golf balls. Some like golf balls with more spin, and some like golf balls with higher compression. Every golfer would love a golf ball that flies completely straight and doesn’t bounce too much. Regardless, every golfer can agree that they would like a golf ball that goes further distances. The best golf balls for distance fall into every category. If you’re looking for a budget pack, there are great options. If you’re looking for something that is tour-endorsed and pricier, there are plenty of great golf balls to choose from. 

Additionally, when it comes to choosing golf balls for distance, golfers likely do not need to sacrifice any other components they love on their golf balls these days. There will be some elements you may need to sacrifice on your golf ball preference in order to grab one that is maximized for distance, but as manufacturers engineer the golf balls to include more features, it’s not as bad. For example, your long-distance golf balls will likely feel harder when you’re playing, but many would consider that a sacrifice they are willing to make. 

Top 5 Long-Range Golf Ball Recommendations Best Golf Balls

The Titleist Velocity of 2022 touts itself as having the longest distance in the Titleist collection. After celebrating its 10th anniversary on the circuit, the Velocity golf balls received a reimagination to include a firmer core and a new octahedral pattern on the ball with 350 dimples to create something with distance at the forefront of its capabilities. The Titleist Velocity also features a new LSX core that developers note retains energy longer which in turn increases the ball speed. Overall, the Titleist Velocity is a superior option for any golfer looking to increase their ball distance on the green. Grab a pack on Amazon for only $29.

Srixon Distance is another great option when searching for a budget-friendly, long-distance-optimized golf ball. As one of the most popular options, this evolution of the Srixon Distance does boast softer compression than earlier models. In turn, the Srixon Distance claims to go longer distances with a higher launch angle. Srixon also reduced the dimple count on this particular model, something that the manufacturer claims will increase performance speeds and distance while also cutting down on drag in any and all wind conditions. 

With a two-piece compression and 77 compression, this ball is built for distance and speed. The TaylorMade Distance+ ball features a REACT speed core and a 342-dimple pattern that is designed to be aerodynamic. These balls tout low drag and high-velocity performance, and the soft cover on the ball is scuff resistant for added durability on the green. But the greatest benefit of the TaylorMade Distance+ is the alignment stamp shaped like a cross on the ball to help provide a guide for lining up your shot on the green. In addition, the TaylorMade Distance+ golf ball is a budget-friendly option, coming in at $19 on Amazon. 

  • Callaway Warbird

In its series, the Callaway Warbird has been a household name for several decades. This tried and true line of golf balls is designed specifically for distance. The latest model of the Callaway Warbird utilizes dual-piece construction and a high-energy core that focuses on distance with a high launch, no matter your swing speed. Not only does the HEX Aerodynamics-designed ball also reduce drag, but the thin, high-sensory ionomer cover works with the core to promote a super-satisfying feel off every club and a softer feel on the green. These golf balls come in two color options, white or optical yellow, and are available on Amazon.

After replacing both the e12 Soft and e12 Speed Balls, Bridgestone released the e12 contact in 2021 as the perfect union between the two original models in the e12 lineup. Bridgestone’s brand is tour endorsed and used by golfers like Tiger Woods and Fred Couples, and the e12 contact is one of the best of the brand. The new contact force dimple creates 38% more surface contact between the golf ball and the club for more efficient energy transfer and guarantees a straighter flight with your driver, and every other ball in your bag. The reduced slice and hook spin on full shots comes from the optimized aerodynamics of Contact Force Dimple combined with sidespin reducing mantle and core. In the e12, the softer core is also designed to enhance the feel of all of your shots on the green. 

How Can You Determine The Best Golf Balls For Distance?

At the end of the day, golf ball choices are an individual preference for each specific golfer. While some may want to focus on their short game, others want to shoot for distance. When it comes to purchasing golf balls, there are also a lot of things for golfers to consider. They need to consider the cover material of each golf ball, whether they prefer their balls to be soft or firm if they’re looking to level up their long game or their short game, what type of color they prefer their balls, and even the price point. 

All of these considerations are crucial when deciding what is going to benefit you on the green, and the manufacturers for each brand are constantly innovating and engineering their balls to see how they can increase distance, create a softer feel, and appeal to a wider audience of golfers. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out as a golfer, taking the time to find the best golf balls for distance, or any shot for that matter will help you take your game to the next level. Just as things like clubs are a critical part of the game, so are golf balls and it’s important to be aware of the different types of golf balls on the market when making the decision on which ones are right for you. 

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