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What are the Best Ultralight Golf Bags for Walking?

How To Choose The Best Ultralight Golf Bags For Walking

When you’re stepping out on the green to play a round of golf, it’s important to remember your clubs and balls, of course. But what about ultralight golf bags? When it comes to selecting the right golf bags for walking, there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. The right golf bag can also play a pivotal role in your game. Besides the obvious benefit of helping golfers organize and plan their games, ultralight golf bags can also help save you a lot of energy and even score better in the long run. Additionally, carrying a golf bag gives you a few different advantages around the course. For example, they allow you to move quicker on the green. Whether it’s to walk right up to the ball wherever it lands or whether you’re walking off the green pre or post-game, these are just a few of the benefits of ultralight golf bags. Regardless though, when carrying your own bag you will obviously exert more energy than a player who is utilizing a caddy or a golf cart. Therefore, it is important to look for the best golf bags for walking. 

So, what components make up one of the best golf bags for walking? It will depend on the materials, what types of storage and organization the bag contains, and also the overall design. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options on the market for any type of golf style and depending on whatever you want for your specific game. Check out the top 5 lightweight golf bags available for purchase on Amazon right now. 

Lightweight Golf Bags


  1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag. Whe looking for the best ultralight golf bags for walking, this Sunday Golf bag is touted as one of the most lightweight bags on the market! This stand bag can fit 6 to 7 golf clubs comfortably and is perfect for a Sunday round of golf or a game at an executive course. It also comes with a carry handle and a strap for whatever terrain you might be playing with. This bag also features a velour-lined valuables pocket to keep things like keys, cellphones, and wallets safely in addition to a cooler pouch for keeping cans or bottles cold while on the green. Overall, this is an ideal option for any golfer looking for a lightweight and manageable option! Find this product on Amazon for $134. 
  2. The Champkey Lightweight Golf Bag. Weighing in at only 2.2lbs, this Champkey bag would be a fantastic addition to any golfer’s game. This multifunction bag also comes with sturdy brackets to stand the bag up, four extra pockets, a special lightweight design, and it is made of 900D Polyester Oxford. With a sturdy handle and an additional padded shoulder strap, it is convenient for moving around. It also has a sturdy stand base and aluminum alloy brackets that guarantee it will hold up to six golf clubs comfortably without compromising the structure of this bag. Check this bag out on Amazon for $59.
  3. Orlimar Pitch and Putt.  This Orlimar bag is built to help golfers enjoy the game without the strain of carrying their bag. Now in six new colors, not only is this bag fantastic for walking with, but it also stands out on the green. Its primary features include weighing only 1.9lbs with an ergonomic handle or a strap for carrying your bag around the green. With a two-compartment top, this bag can comfortably hold 6 to 7 golf clubs and has a singular divider to help keep the clubs organized. Additionally, it comes with a durable pocket for holding valuables, golf balls, tees, pencils, divot tools, and ball markers. It also includes a durable handle for easy transportation. See this ultralight golf bag on Amazon for $38.
  4. Izzo Ultralite Stand Bag. The Izzo Ultralite Stand Bag is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. This bag is equipped with a smartgrip handle that allows you to easily load and unload the bag from your car, SUV, or truck, and overall is exceptionally easy to carry around the golf course. This comes with a 4-way padded top and 2 dividers to ensure organization and shaft protection for your golf clubs. The Izzo also comes with 4 total pockets including a waterproof valuables pocket, a dual carry strap, an umbrella holder, a towel clip, and a rain hood. Additionally, this bag is constructed with 4200 yards of high-strength and lightweight polyester fabric making this not only a lightweight option but a durable, long-lasting option as well. Check this bag out on Amazon for $98.
  5.  Self Control Lightweight Golf Bag. The Self Control bag is built lightweight to help golfers carry more. This bag can comfortably fit 6 to 7 clubs and comes with additional space for other things including three storage pockets, a cup holder, and an umbrella pocket. It also includes a rain top cover and a bag for shoes. This bag is a fantastic option for any golfer looking for something lightweight and easy to transport but something that is also durable and long-lasting. Learn more about the Self Control Lightweight Golf bag available on Amazon for $49. 

What Is The Best Ultra Light Golf Bag For You?

Overall, there are a variety of factors that might determine what ultralight golf bags are right for each individual golfer. Golf bags can be a critical component to any golfer’s game if they are not using a caddy or a golf cart whether they are playing a Sunday round or are checking out an executive course. It is important to decide what a good golf bag looks like to you. Are good materials a higher priority? Do you want multiple pockets, including something like a cooler pocket? How many golf clubs would you want to carry with you on the green? Is it important to have a stand on your golf bag? Whatever you choose, there is an option for you on the market! If you are wondering where to get started, we recommended checking out these five lightweight golf bags that will be great for your game and your budget. To learn more about golf bags, balls, range finders, watches, and GPS devices visit the Golf Tamers blog here! 

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