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Golf Bags with Built-In Insulated Cooler Pockets

With a variety of golf bags on the market, there are many options to choose from. However, finding one that meets your specific needs can be trickier, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of what you want, at the end of the day, you want a golf bag that can help enhance your game, not hinder it. For example, golf bags that are built with lightweight polyester are easier to manage on the green if you’re not utilizing a caddy or a golf cart. Or another example includes golf bags that have dividers to keep your clubs from tangling. Whatever you prefer, there is something to fit your needs, including golf bags with cooler pockets! 

Golf bags with cooler pockets are used by many golfers for a few reasons. Not only do cooler pockets keep drinks cold, but they can also keep your lunch fresh in your bag when you’re on the green. Additionally, golf bags with cooler pockets can help you save money in the long run. Gone are the days of needing to purchase expensive drinks while playing golf when cooler pockets are an option. Cooler pocket golf bags also come with quite a few options. Some can hold just a can or two, and others can hold multiple bottles or cans, and even a snack for when you’re playing! No matter what you’d use your cooler pocket on your golf bag for, golf is still exercise and it is important to stay hydrated and have a snack on hand for when you’re playing a round of golf. Check out a variety of golf bags that include cooler pockets, yet still, provide plenty of room for clubs and other golf accessories. This list features the 5 best golf bags on the market that can be purchased on Amazon that also include cooler pockets to keep golfers focused on playing their best game yet while on the green! 

Insulated Golf Bags


  1. Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Golf Bag. The Big Max Dri Lite golf bag is one of the best options available for organizing your golf clubs, keeping your gear waterproof no matter the weather conditions, and of course, keeping your drinks and food cold. This bag includes separate pockets for all of your clubs and has a unique, highly-regarded style with a 14-head divider that allows you to also sort your clubs by shaft length. It is also built with water-repellent materials, and each pocket has waterproof zippers so you can keep the elements in (or out!) and keep condensation from leaking into your other compartments. This bag also features a waterproof valuables pocket for storing things like keys, cellphones, and wallets. Check this bag out on Amazon for $199.
  2. Orlimar CRX Cooler Cart Bag.  Constructed with durable, lightweight materials and with a 15-way club divider, the Orlimar CRX is an obvious choice for any golfer looking to enhance their game with a walkable bag. However, the Orlimar CRX also features an innovative, removable insulated cooler carrier that can hold up to six, 12 oz. cans. Attached to the front and with a zipper front, this cooler option provides plenty of storage for drinks while on the green, but it is also accessible for golfers. In addition, this bag also comes with 9 zippered pockets designed to carry valuables, scorecards, extra balls, and more. See more about this bag which is available on Amazon for $123.
  3. Eagole Golf Stand Bag.  The Eagole Golf Stand Bag is a super lightweight option that doesn’t sacrifice any functionality along the way. This affordable option includes 8 different pockets, including one full-length pocket for apparel, a velour-lined pocket with a waterproof zipper for keeping valuables safe, and a cooler pocket. While this cooler pocket might not be the largest one available on the market, this is a fantastic option for golfers who are only looking for space to stash a few drinks while on the green without losing space for other items. Check this bag out on Amazon, available for $89. 
  4. Longchao Lightweight Golf Bag. This bag touts itself as being lightweight, but powerful and features all of the designs of some of the most popular bags on the market, including a full cooler pocket. The full cooler pocket on the Longchao Lightweight Golf Bag can keep drinks or food cool all day. The large, PVC built-in cooler is capable of holding up to four cans, a bottle of wine, or even a mix of cans and snacks. In addition, this bag features a portable handle and includes a strap for carrying like a backpack for easy transportation on and off the green. This bag is also built for golf cart accessibility, with each pocket being built on the front for ease of use when attached to a cart. Discover more about this bag on Amazon, available for $149. 
  5. Glove It Glove It Golf Bag. This bag is a superior option for any golfer looking to prioritize style and ease of use while on the green. Made with high-quality materials and accessibility in mind, the Glove It Glove It features plenty of pockets for storage, including a thermal-lined cooler pocket for storing drinks and snacks while you’re playing a round of golf. It also features other necessities like plenty of pockets, dividers for keeping your clubs from getting tangled, and more. Check this bag out on Amazon, where it is available for $189. 

What Is The Best Golf Bag For Your Game?

No matter what type of game you play, there is always a need for a fresh drink or a snack while you’re playing a round of golf. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a new player, these five golf bags have something for everyone and can accommodate any type of game. Not only do these golf bags include plenty of pockets and places to store your clubs, but they also include places to keep your drinks or lunch, or snack cold to help you enhance your game! If you want to learn more about golf bags and other golf gear like GPS devices, watches, clubs, balls, and more, Visit The Golf Tamers Blog here!

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