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Bushnell Golf Rangefinder & GPS Reviews: Includes Excel, ION2, Hybrid & Phantom

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023 @ 7:14 am

Are you on the lookout for a golf rangefinder that can’t be easily forgotten?

A rangefinder that won’t get left in the bottom of your golf bag?

Then search no more! A Bushnell golf watch or handheld GPS may be what you need.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to know all about owning an intelligent, functional, and even wearable golf GPS watch rangefinder.

Bushnell is a well-known American company that “gets” sport optics. They understand it, they provide it, and they do it well. It only makes sense that they created a completely new company that’s dedicated to making your golf game the best game every single time.

They take the best of their distance measuring technology and carry it into the invention of their golf GPS devices. Enter here – Bushnell Golf.


Bushnell Golf GPS Reviews

Before you decide that Bushnell’s GPS devices are going to end up in the bottom of your golf bag with every other GPS device you’ve ever owned, think again.

Easy and fast updates, long battery life, and no-hassle fees are just some of the shared features that the Ion2, Phantom and the Excel GPS rangefinder watch have in common.

Although their outer-space technology fits into the palm of your hand, try to keep your feet on the ground as you discover all you need to know about this pocket-sized rangefinders and the best golf GPS watch available.

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Which is the Best Bushnell GPS Rangefinder for You?

If you’re just wanting something entry-level and simple to use without the all the big hooha that can possibly complicate your game, then the handheld Phantom is for you.

Although the Ghost is similar in capability when comparing it to the the ION2 watch, the watch wins out when it comes to ease of use and wearability.

It’s a little pricier, but the additional cost actually gets you a couple more features like the odometer and shot distance calculator.

If you just like to have the latest piece of technology then the Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch is the one to go for.

And lastly, if you are likely to use a laser rangefinder and only want to have to purchase one device that does both jobs, the Hybrid Laser-GPS should be your pick.


Bushnell: A Brand You Can Trust

There’s something techie and appealing about knowing that the device that fits in the palm of your hand can communicate with forces off the face of the planet.

GPS rangefinders are definitely for you if you want to take all the guessing and possible “user error” elements out of your game. Stick with the brand you know and trust, and you’ll have the distances you know you can trust.

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