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Breaking 80 Laser Rangefinder Reviews – For Golfers on a Budget

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023 @ 7:05 am

If you’ve been spending all day online trying to find the best value golf rangefinder without compromising on quality, then I’m proud to say you’ve come to the right place.

But are such things possible? Can you really find a cheap golf rangefinder that can acquire accurate distance readings, flag lock features, and have it still fit into your price range?

You needn’t look any further if you’re interested in finding out. In this Breaking 80 laser rangefinder review we are going to check out the IS500 & IS800 models.

So you’re not looking for anything fancy, but something still nice enough to give you an advantage on the green. The newly designed Breaking 80 line of rangefinders are intended to do just that.

Even though they’re a more affordable line than other competitive brands out there, they do exactly what you need it to do on the field.

Just press, measure, and swing.


Breaking 80 Laser Rangefinder Comparison

The Breaking 80 line of laser rangefinders are supposed to be easy to use, superbly accurate, and are now more durable than ever. They’ve been revamped from their old line that came out a few years ago, and now they model a more functional and ergonomic design.

Are you thinking it sounds too good to be true for the price tag it sports? Let’s find out.

gtcatpages-table__imageIS500Reliable, Low-Budget & Compact Rangefinder - 550 Yard RangeREAD REVIEW
gtcatpages-table__imageIS800Breaking 80's Newest Rangefinder Complete With 800 Yard RangeVIEW ON AMAZON


Which is the Best Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder for You?

Both models of the Breaking 80 rangefinder line are absolutely suitable for either the entry level player or even the pro.

The IS500 is a great place to start if you’re looking for something to take with you into the tournaments. The pin-seeker technology makes it a great measuring device even when there are overlapping objects that would typically interfere with the ranging.

Although it’s simple in functionality, it’s pretty precise and spot-on for what you need it to do. I think that the IS800 model with 80o yard range would better suit the player who likes to hit various courses more often.


Breaking 80 = Satisfied Golfers

The Breaking 80 rangefinders have more satisfied consumers than they do unhappy ones.

It’s largely due to their cheap prices yet comparable quality to its competitors. All in all, you’ll find that these units deliver on precision ranging, compact designs, and they offer the same standard of quality optics that a rangefinder $100 more would offer.

Why spend in excess if you don’t have to?

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