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Best Golf Balls for Distance in 2024 to Improve your Game

Last Updated: Jan 5, 2024 @ 5:23 pm

Very few people understand the peculiarities of the design of each golf ball, which varies depending on the function of the said ball (i.e. a better spin, a better feel at impact, durability, workability or straighter drives). However, this article will focus on the characteristics of distance golf balls and the best ones on the market. In addition to any electronic devices that a golfer may have, like a golf GPS, he’ll be equipped for his best game with good golf balls.


Soft golf balls Vs Hard golf balls: Do golf balls make a difference in distance?

Indeed, the feel of the ball plays a huge role in promoting or demoting the distance factor. The hard golf balls are perfect long balls because they travel a long distance off the clubface and roll further once they hit the ground. However, the soft golf balls fly but once they hit the ground, they do not bounce as much.

A simple test would be to run your fingernail across the ball to mark it. If the balls range from hardest to softest, you will notice that the softer the ball the easier it marks.

The hard golf balls are perfect for beginners who aim at achieving a longer distance off the tee. They are more forgiving on inconsistent swings, because they provide less spin. Professional players, on the other hand, favor softer golf balls because they promote spin and provide a better control over the ball.

High compression vs Low compression golf balls

Another important factor is the degree of compression of the ball. It plays a huge role in promoting or demoting the distance factor. A golf ball needs some compression to travel far, but not so much that all the energy is wasted. The hard golf balls are perfect long balls for high swing speed golfers because they better resist the intense compression when the clubface hits.

The low compression golf balls are perfect for beginners who aim at achieving a longer distance off the tee. A hard golf ball would not be appropriate for a low swing speed golfer, because not enough compression would be reached. It would be like hitting a rock. The soft golf balls allow for better compression, which will give a kick to slow swing speed golfers.

Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed/ Low handicap

Knowing your swing consistency and swing speed are two crucial elements when choosing a golf ball. The process of finding the optimal ball is exhaustive since the golf market is rich and diversified. The perfect ball for you should match your speed and swing consistency.

If you are a high swing speed player, you need a low compression ball. In addition, if your swing speed is consistent, your distance ball should be soft to allow for better control.

Here are some of the best golf balls for our high swing speed players.



Titleist Pro V1

Generally speaking, the Titleist brand holds a great reputation in the golf market. Many players on the professional Tour use it. The Titleist pro V1 guarantees an extraordinary consistency, for consistent golfers, on every shot. 

Thanks to its lower flight height, its spin sensitivity and single core, this ball is engineered to give more velocity to your shot. Being a soft golf ball with a medium compression factor, it makes the perfect choice for professional players.

This ball is not a distance ball but its 14% shell thickness enables it to cover a good driving distance and a reduced spin on longer shots. Its softer feel combined with its speed and exceptional performance set a new standard for innovative golf balls.

This ball is particularly efficient because of its design. Its casing is thinner by 17% which further enhances its speed. Titleist Pro V1 is covered by elastomer which guarantees better control.

Titleist Pro V1 is a medium compression golf ball of around 90 which makes it both soft and easy to control. 

If you are an average to fast swinger with consistent performance, then the Titleist Pro V1 is your best choice. The will ball offers a predictable distance to match your expectations.

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Titleist Pro V1x

Similarly, the Titleist Pro V1x is made for high-level amateurs and professional players only. This ball is considered a Tour ball and guarantees an extraordinary driving distance.It is, therefore, better suited for short and mid-range games. If you are a low handicap player, then I invite you to read further.

According to many reviews, its performance is great and predictable. Golfers should have a swing speed exceeding 100 mph, and it provides a high spin rate. Furthermore, this Titleist Pro V1 is superior to the other Titleist balls thanks to its ZG and Dual Pro technologies, which provide a better driving distance.

The ball is covered with urethane which preserves its white color and bright shine even after many uses. Overall, this ball is a good investment for lower handicapped golfers with a high swing speed.

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TaylorMade TP5

The TaylorMade TP5 is a golf ball commonly used by pros in tour-level games. This ball is called TP5 because it is designed with 5 layers. The first three are located at the core to increase the speed of the ball while the remaining two cover layers result in the dual spin. Combined, the five layers promise you an extraordinary shot for high swing speed players for a predictable game.

The spin and speed of the ball enhance its flight and distance when the swing is fast. The ball is soft and has a lower compression factor, which enhances the quality of your shots and helps you perform the required spin. 

TaylorMade TP5 is not cheap, but it’s worth every penny for consistent golfers. Its design renders it immune to obstacles it may face on the way to the hole. 

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Best Golf Balls for Low Swing Speed / High handicappers

Not being a pro does not mean you cannot play golf. This game is intended for all people, thanks to the choice in equipment. In a sense, an amateur has better chances to win against a pro if they have the right equipment. Hence, if you are a high handicapper, make sure your ball adapts to your skills.

If you are a low swing speed player, you need a high compression ball. In addition, if your swing speed is inconsistent, your distance ball should be harder to allow for lower spin and more forgiveness.



Titleist Tour Soft: A Perfect Soft Distance Golf Ball

If you are aiming at improving your rank and performance, you need a forgiving ball designed to improve your distance while attaining control.

The softness of the Titleist Tour Soft ball gives you good control in short games and promises a long distance. It is bigger than the average ball because of its larger core, manufactured  to reach a longer distance.

The Titleist Tour Soft 2020 is a new version of the Titleist Tour Soft 2019 which offers faster speed and better results. Furthermore, the ball proves to be more consistent when flying than its predecessor.

The ball contains 342 spherical dimples with a cuboctahedron design to achieve a smooth high flight and a low spin in long shots, and a soft feel and moderate spin in short games. The ball delivers consistent results no matter the obstacles on the fairway.

Usually, soft balls are designed for short games because they do not promise a long distance. However, the Titleist Tour Soft is a soft and distance ball. Another advantage is that it is available in yellow which makes it visible in the sky and easy to find in the green grass patches. This visibility allows the golfer to observe the quality of their performance and avoid losing an expensive ball.

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Callaway 2023 Supersoft: A Forgiving Distance Golf Ball

Some might deny it, but most pros have used a forgiving ball to improve their performance. The Callaway 2023 Supersoft gorgiving ball is perfect for slow swingers and distance seekers. 

Spin and control are not what high handicappers seek, they are drawn to a long ball like what the Callaway 2023 Supersoft promises thanks to its soft and double-layered design with a higher compression rate. Moreover, it is designed to help improve the performance of golfers who find a difficulty in hitting the ball squarely.

Pros can also use this ball for long and straight shots, the additional spin can entice the ball to travel farther around the greens.

Callaway 2023 Supersoft is equipped with a low drag HEX aerodynamic technology which renders its flight more penetrating. Thanks to its compression rate and high launch, the ball can effortlessly leave the ground.

So if you are looking for distance, softness and quality, Callaway 2023 Supersoft is your ultimate choice.

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Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft: A Golf ball For All 

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft is a three-piece distance ball with a soft feel specifically designed for slow swingers with less than 105 MPH driver swing speeds. The new High Performance Polymer it is made of makes the new Active Acceleration Mantle the most important layer of the ball. This layer promises a higher initial velocity and an increased thrust.

The Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft uses a dimple pattern to optimize aerodynamics and minimize drag on the cover, which makes it perfect for long high shots. 

True to its name, the ball is very soft and gives the golfer a pleasant feel when it hits the club face. The ball’s non-urethane cover promotes spin in short games and a great response when pitching and chipping. In long games, the ball has a low spin and plenty of speed for low swing speed players.

Overall, what distinguishes Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft is its ability to compliment a low swing speed player’s skills.

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Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed A Distance Firmer Golf Ball

The Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed ball is also designed to guarantee distance thanks to its three layers. It has the same technologies as the e12 Soft which make it long and fast, notably the Surlyn cover, the Delta Wing Dimple Pattern, and the Active Acceleration Mantle layer.

Contrary to the e12 Soft, this ball is firmer without being too harsh, which makes it a good choice for slow swingers. Additionally, the ball promises maximum distance and stability.

On the fairway, the ball reaches more yards than most golf balls, but its stopping power is only as strong as its distance on approach shots. All in all, the ball is accurate and stable in the air for high speed swingers that need better consistency.

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Srixon Q-Star Tour 2: The Amateurs Golf Ball

In terms of golf balls, what does a golfer wish for? 

The answer is simple: consistency and longer distance or in other words: Srixon Q-Star Tour 2.

Thanks to its FastLayer Core, the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 is engineered to travel farther with a nice feel. Soft yet solid at impact, the ball balances, in a strange and successful way, between soft and firm no matter how hard the swing is, thanks to the SoftLayer Core technology which transitions from the softer core to the firmer cover. 

The  FastLayer Core is specifically made for mid and high trajectories and is perfectly suited to high handicappers due to its hard shell. This technology is not very expensive yet it does not allow the ball to roll like cheap balls. Instead, it moderates its spin enough to deliver good results and fly high with maximum distance.

Its urethane cover allows wedge grooves to grip and the ball to spin.In this sense, the ball delivers good scores every time. It is consistent and provides good control, which makes it perfect for amateurs and low speed swingers.

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TaylorMade Distance Plus: A 100% Distance Golf Ball

Who said golf is expensive? The TaylorMade Distance Plus lets you enjoy a good game of golf for a cheap price. 

This two-piece golf ball targets the average golfer looking to have fun and maximum distance and points. The ball’s design is made of the TEACT core which promotes speed and distance for low speed swing golfers. Its cover is made of Iothane which is not excessively soft but still provides enough control for a cheap ball. 

Moreover, the ball is not engineered to generate spin, but to achieve distance easier than through a fast swing speed. Its React Speed Core and the 342 Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern render helps the golfers who wish to win some extra yards. Moreover, its 77 compression promises a moderately soft feel and a mid-high wedge spin.

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What makes a golf ball travel farther?

The differences in size, shape and texture in creating a golf ball are not random. There are various metrics which determine the best distance ball, notably dimples.

The discovery of dimples on a golf ball was revolutionary. Going back in history, golf was played with balls of humble wood. In 1618, innovation gave birth to  “Featherie”. True to its name, it was produced from the feathers of a goose. The ball was rough and uneven due to its artisanal manufacturing which consisted of tightly pressing the wet feathers in the leather of horses or cows and leaving it to dry, which causes the leather to shrink and the feather to expand,creating a hard ball ready for the fairway.

Since it was handcrafted, the Featherie was expensive and only few players could afford it. Consequently, a new alternative was introduced to the market under the name : « The Guttie ». This type of ball was made of the sap of the Gutta tree, its substance was rubbery and therefore easy to reshape and reheat. Overall, it was affordable but it was not as fast as the Featherie.

The surface of the Guttie gold ball was smooth while the Featherie’s was rough and uneven. This comparison led to the discovery of the dimples which gave the golf ball a rough surface that enabled it to cover more distance.

Scientifically speaking, the dimples create turbulence which sucks the air to the ball and delays its separation from the ball, creating less aerodynamic drag. The aerodynamic drag represents the friction between the air and the ball and affects the velocity of the ball .

Nowadays, dimples are a natural characteristic of golf balls no matter their function, design or condition. However, recent studies proved that too many dimples on a ball can result in a higher flight and a shorter distance. That is why most distance golf balls are designed with hexagonal dimples to lower the drag and cut more distance off the tee.

The game of Golf is more than just hitting a ball and scoring. It is a game of patience, finesse, precision, strategy and skill. Furthermore, Golf is not restricted to pros or an elite, it is the game of everyone. Its equipment suits all players no matter their performance and guarantees fairness and equity on the fairway.


Do Golf Balls Lose Distance With Use

Golf ball is an extremely popular game played by people of all age ranges and genders, either for fun or on a professional level. Hence, the competition between the multiple golf brands heated up in the quest of manufacturing better equipment to sit on the top of the golf brand game. This was mainly achieved by the most famous golf brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, etc, by inventing new technologies that improve the ball’s quality in terms of durability and performance.

A good golf ball is one that delivers consistent good scores with time and keeps its promise of distance, feel, spin or flight. This can only be achieved if the ball’s cover remains in good quality. So if you want your ball to accompany you for as long as possible while delivering the same quality performance, inspect its cover.

The core of the balls made of rubber bands or liquid centers is not as durable and efficient as the balls’ cores made of polymer. Those balls are made to last and to keep their promise of distance. They can stand strong high-speed shots without altering their shape. 

Playing golf in a fairway surrounded with bushes and trees can be dangerous for your ball. Not only are you susceptible to losing it if it falls in the bushes, but it may not survive the cuts and loses, as a result, its efficiency and resilience.  For this reason, we advise you to purchase balls whose covers are made of firm ionomer or soft urethane materials, because they enable the ball to resist the aftermath of bad shots, contact with hard surfaces or wild environments.

Being able to protect your ball from cuts and abrasion can guarantee its good performance and durability. In fact, absence of visible damage means that your ball is just as efficient as the first day you purchased it. On the other hand, balls that endure bad conditions lose their distance to as much as 6 yards.

But if your ball is in a good condition and your fairway is appropriate and ball-friendly, it does not mean that it is off the hook because wet club faces can also damage your ball. Water on the club face leads to a decreased friction between the ball and the club, which increases the tears on the ball because of the grooves’ grabbing and slipping. That is why you are ought to make sure your club face is dry before each shot.  

Balls are manufactured to last for at least seven full eighteen hole rounds while maintaining the same performance and resilience. However, once your ball is damaged, it is no longer efficient. 


Do Range Balls Go As Far As Normal Golf Balls?

Overall, range balls are less performant than normal golf balls. Range balls are designed with a cheap rubber base and loose specs which renders their performance inconsistent with every shot and different even when the balls belong to the same batch. 

Even though the thick and firm Surlyn cover they are made of in addition to the thick layer of paint applied to those range balls give them a great durability, it renders them slower with less spin and height compared to the normal golf balls.  


Which golf ball Is The Best For Distance

The best golf ball model for distance depends on your golf swing speed and consistency. For example, high swing speed golfers will prefer low compression balls to transfer as much energy as possible without the ball absorbing too much. Consistent golfers will prefer soft balls, which give a higher spin and more control.


Are soft golf balls good for distance?

Soft golf balls are perfect for distance for consistent golfers because they offer more spin and control, allowing them to have a personalized shot. However, they are not good for inconsistent golfers, as they are less forgiving, which might result in an unwanted spin.


Do golf balls lose distance with use?

The Slide-Ring material used to manufacture some golf balls helps them regain their initial shape after impact and preserve them from scratches cuts. Golf balls that are easily cut and damaged lose distance.


Does Humidity Affect Golf Ball Distance

Humidity, according to Trackman’s data, slightly enhances the speed and the distance of a ball. A ball that is 90% humid will travel less than a yard farther than a ball that is 10% humid.  

It is commonly believed that the more wet your ball is, the shorter it will travel because the water will prevent it from achieving its full potential.  However, this is a misconception because the more humid your ball is, the farther it will travel. 

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